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Welcome to The Gk Guide (www.thegkguide.com) – The Gk Guide As the name suggests, it is a General Knowledge website; you know that common sense is combined with mental abilities and how important it is for us. This is because, today from every kind of competition examination to every field of the world, there is an important part of general knowledge.

General knowledge is an important part of crystallized intelligence, and intense intelligence is the ability to use their skills, knowledge and experience. General Knowledge is knowledge about a wide range of subjects rather than a detailed knowledge of a particular subject.

If you are preparing for a competitive exam, especially the civil service, then you are in the right place! Here all information about General knowledge is provided! So that you have not had to face any trouble remembering General knowledge! Apart from this, we want to make people aware about everything in the world through an online platform, which is our real objective!

On the Gk Guide, you can take any kind of information free of charge and we will try our best to give you all kinds of information, if you want information about a topic, you can contact us at our Contact Us form or E-mail (info@thegkguide.com) through which we can give you full information on that topic.

This Site (Thegkguide.com) has been founded by the two people Deepak Phondani and Manish Naithani, we are living in Dehra Dun district of Uttarakhand state. The real purpose of making this website is to make people aware of General knowledge, because in today’s time every person has become so busy that he cannot even get time to read any book, but everyone uses smart phones. Due to this, we want to provide them general knowledge facility on their mobile phones. We are an integral and sensitive character on this life stage of the world, who is trying to play their role fairly and mindfully. We do not know how successful we will be in this role, but we will continue to give you information on the right topics like this from our whole heart.

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