Abraham Lincoln: A Biography of Abraham Lincoln! 

“Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the US. They end up slavery (slavery) in America. He was born on April 14, 1865 in a poor black family. They led the country during the Civil War in the United States”.

If you want to know a quick answer of these questions, like who is Abraham Lincoln? About Abraham Lincoln, Biography of Abraham Lincoln, history of Abraham Lincolnso please read our quick and short description about Abraham Lincoln in below: 

Short Biography of Abraham Lincoln! 

Abraham Lincoln A Biography of Abraham Lincoln! 

Country       America 
Full Name of Abraham Lincoln    Abraham Thomas Lincoln 
Nick Name of Abraham Lincoln   Father Abraham, Spotty Lincoln etc.. 
Born of Abraham Lincoln  12 February 1809 
Death of Abraham Lincoln    15 April 1865 
Born Place of Abraham Lincoln   Kentucky (US) 
Death Place of Abraham Lincoln  Washington 
Father of Abraham Lincoln  Thomas Lincoln 
Mother of Abraham Lincoln  Nancy 
Brothers of Abraham Lincoln  1(Thomas Lincoln, Jr.) 
Sisters of Abraham Lincoln  1(Sarah Lincoln Grigsby) 
Married     Yes 
Wife of Abraham Lincoln  Along with Mary Todd (1842 May). 
Son of Abraham Lincoln  1(Robert) 
Daughter of Abraham Lincoln  No 

 Full Biography of Abraham Lincoln:  


Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the US. They end up slavery (slavery) in America. He was born on April 14, 1865 in a poor black family. They led the country during the Civil War in the United States. They end slavery, strengthen the government and the economy. He always used to favor truth and goodness. He always supported justice in the lawyer’s profession. He never took the side of injustice. They were shot and killed.  

He was the first Republican to become President of the United States. Prior to that he was a lawyer, legislator of the Illinois State, a member of America’s House of Representatives. They also failed to elect Senate twice.In 31 years he failed in business. In the 32nd year, he lost the election of the state legislator, in the 33rd year he tried a new business, and then failed. His fiancé died in the 35th year. In the 36th year, her nervous break-down turned out. In the 43rd year, he contested for the Congress but lost, in the 48th year he was defeated again. In the 55th year he went on to contest the Senate, the next year he lost to the Vice President but contested In the 59th year he again lost the Senate election but lost. In 1860, the man who used to sign A. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the US.  

Birth and early life of Abraham Lincoln: 

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Hodgville, Kentucky. He was born in a poor family. His studies were done at home only. Abraham Lincoln started advocating in Illinois. His father’s name was Thomas and his mother’s name was Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Lincoln’s younger sister’s name was Sarah and the younger brother’s name was Thomas. Abraham Lincoln’s father had to struggle a lot for money. His mother died when Abraham was 9 years old. 

After Lincoln’s mother passed, her father married again. The stepmother gave Lincoln love like his son and guided him. From childhood, Abraham was very fond of reading. He was very fond of reading books. For books, they went on foot for miles away. His favorite book was “The Life of George Washington”   After 21 years of age, Abraham did a lot of work. He has many jobs like shopkeepers, post master, surveyor. For the sake of livelihood, he started working to cut wood from ax. He worked from pig cutting to logger, and also got wages in the fields. 

Marriage of Abraham Lincoln: 

In 1843, Abraham Lincoln married a girl named Mary Todd. Everyone thought of my todd as an ambitious fidgety girl. It was very famous about Mary that she always said that she would marry a man who would become President of America. For this, all the people used to make fun of him. Lincoln’s wife gave birth to 4 children, but only one Robert Todd survived. Everybody talks like that Lincoln’s wife quarreled with them and did not respect them at all. 

Abraham Lincoln’s advocacy:  

Before becoming President, Abraham Lincoln practiced for 20 years, but during this time he always supported the truth and justice. They never used false laws like Mahatma Gandhi. There is always a case related to truth and justice. Abraham Lincoln never earned a lot of money from advocacy because he used to take very little money from poor people. He settled many lawsuits out of court, in which he got the same fee. 

He advised his clients to settle peace outside the court, thereby not waste time and money. Once one of his clients gave him $ 25, But Lincoln charged $ 15 and he has Returned $ 10. Lincoln said that his fee is just $ 15 only becomes. There are many stories of their honesty and truth. Lincoln never fought false cases. Always supported the truth. He has never been greedy for money. That was the reason that he never earn a lot of money at the time of advocacy. He did not favor any religion. 

Abraham Lincoln as President: 

Around 1840, those who support slavery and condemn the slaves of slavery Such a clean division started in America. According to the laws of Kanssensebraska, the people of these states were supposed to be free to slave. Because of this, Abraham Lincoln blown away. Against this law, he made a speech from the outspoken. During this time, Lincoln saw the power of his own strength, and after that Lincoln never looked back at politics 

Abraham Lincoln was a member of the New Republican Party. The Republican party wanted to eliminate slavery. They thought that selling or buying a man by making a slave is inhuman work. The whole of America was divided over slavery. Half of the people wanted that slavery would be over, while half of people wanted it to continue. The white residents of South America wanted that slave (black) work as laborers in their fields. The white wanted to make black citizens their slave. Abraham Lincoln was elected as America’s 16th President in 1860. 

Death of Abraham Lincoln: 

Abraham Lincoln was shot dead on April 15, 1865 in a movie theater in the Washington, DC capital of America. Famous actor John Wicks Booth murdered him when he was watching the play “Our American Cuisine”. Interestingly, at the time the Lincoln was shot, his personal guard, John Parker, was not present with him. John Wicks Booth, who shot Lincoln, was caught 10 days later on a farm in Virginia where US soldiers killed him in an encounter. 

 Abraham Lincoln’s Honor: 

The picture of Lincoln is on US notes. There is a picture of Abraham Lincoln on the $ 5 note. Apart from this, there is a picture of Abraham Lincoln on American St. / Panini. Many postage stamps have also been released in his honor. He always looks in the strap in the beard. Lincoln’s most famous statue is made in Mount Rushmore. Which is known as the Lincoln Memorial. Peterson House in Washington DC also has a large statue. The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum is in Springfield, Illinois. 

The precious ideas of Abraham Lincoln: 

  • I am sure to move at a slow pace, but never walk back 
  • Give me 6 hours to cut a tree and I will start to sharpen the edge of my ax for the first 4 hours. 
  • Whatever you are, be honest. 
  • Whatever I am, or as expected, all my credit goes to my mother. 
  • First, make sure that your feet are in the right place, then stand straight. 

List of Books Written by Abraham Lincoln: 

Abraham Lincoln written so many books but we are listed some famous books. 

  • Gettysburg Address (1863) 
  • The Writings of Abraham Lincoln  
  • The Portable Abraham Lincoln 
  • The Portable Abraham Lincoln 
  • The life and writings of Abraham Lincoln 

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