Acharya Chanakya : A Biography of Acharya Chanakya!

Their birth and death are not clearly mentioned yet, people still consider them born 375 BC and believe in their death from 283 BC.
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Short Biography of Acharya Chanakya!

Acharya Chanakya A Biography of Acharya Chanakya!

Country                                        Indian
Full Name of Acharya Chanakya Chanakya
Nick Name of Acharya Chanakya Indian Machiavelli
Born of Acharya Chanakya 371 BC
Death of Acharya Chanakya 283 BC
Born Place of Acharya Chanakya India
Death Place of Acharya Chanakya Pataliputra
Father of Acharya Chanakya Rishi Canak
Mother of Acharya Chanakya Not Cleared
Brothers of Acharya Chanakya
Sisters of Acharya Chanakya
Wife of Acharya Chanakya
Son of Acharya Chanakya
Daughter of Acharya Chanakya

Biography in details of Acharya Chanakya:


If you want to make your life successful and remove the small problems of your life, then you should start taking the things of scholar Acharya Chanakya into your life. The way Aacharya Chankya has explained the simplicity of diplomacy and politics, every person can make their life easier.

Acharya Chanakya, also known as Vishnugupta and Kautilya, was a great scholar, whose policies established many empires.

Acharya Chanakya is an important place in the history of India. At one time when India was divided into small states and foreign ruler Sikander had reached the Indian border to attack India, Chanakya had protected India from its policies. On the basis of his efforts and his policies, Chanakya made Chandragupta (Chandragupta) the emperor of India, who later became known as Chandragupta Maurya and built a unbroken India.

Early Life and Education:

Their birth and death are not clearly mentioned yet, people still consider them born 375 BC and believe in their death from 283 BC. Mahapandit Chanakya was born as a Brahmin dynasty named Kutil of Taxila, about 400 BCE before the Buddhist religion. They are also known as India’s Macawavali. Historians are unanimous about name and birth. they were born in a crooked lineage. That’s why they also called kautilya. But according to some scholars, the birth of Kautilya was in the valley of Nepal, but according to Jainism, Shravanabelagola in Mysore state is considered as his birthplace. Chanakya was born in a poor family, whose education took place in the great education center Takshshila. Chanakya studied for 14 years and at the age of 26, he received deep education in economics, sociology and politics. There is such a legend that once he was insulted for some reason in Magadha’s court, then he had taken the initiative of the destruction of the Nand-dynasty. He sat Chandragupta Maurya / Chandragupta Maurya on the throne and fulfilled his vow and by eliminating the Nand-Dynasty, the Maurya dynasty was established. Having placed himself in the throne of Chandragupta Maurya, he completed his vow and destroyed the Nand dynasty.

They established the Maurya dynasty there. At that time, the Nand dynasty had worn poor conditions, then saved the people and followed their duty. They carried the Nand dynasty out of India and helped one King Chandragupta Maurya create a monolithic nation. Chanakya is credited with creating the Maurya dynasty. Chanakya believed diplomacy as important. That is why they are also considered the father of mischief. Hence, Raja Chandragupta Maurya gave him the status of the Maha Parishad.

Alexander’s attack on India: The incident that turned the direction of life of Chanakya:

His reputation was touching the heights of the sky as a teacher. But two incidents that took place during that time changed their direction of life.

  • First- Sikandar’s invasion of India and defeat of the then minor states
  • Secondly, the insult of Kautilya by the ruler of Magadha

Due to the above reasons, the students of Vishnuguput, instead of teaching the students to protect the unity and integrity of the country, have come out with a resolve to educate the kings of the country. It is very important to look at the context of Chanakya’s life changing direction.

Significantly, during the time of Sikandar’s invasion of India, Chanakya was a professor in Takshashila. Takshashila and King Ambhi of Gandhar had settled with Alexander. Chanakya urged all the kings to save India’s culture, but no one came to fight Alexander. Puru fought with Sikandar but lost Magadha was a very powerful state at that time and the neighboring states eye thorns too.

The patriot went to seek help to stop Alexander’s influence from Dhananand, the then emperor of Vishnugupta Magghha, who considered Sarvshahi But Chouhan Dhanand rejected the offer in the vanity and power of power. He said –

“Be a priest and keep your attention in the head peak; war is the work of the king. You are a pundit, just do panditai”.

Then Chanakya opened his hair and took a pledge that till the destruction of the Nanda empire,untill i will not bind my hair.

Chanakya and Chandragupta:

The episode of Chanakya’s life is incomplete without Chandragupta, because Chandragupta is the medium in making her promise meaningful. During a stay, Chanakya looked at a rural child who was playing the game of King and People with his colleagues at the time. Chandragupta, in his capacity as king, was solving the problems of his fellow cousin, he influenced Chanakya in the inner world. Chanakya began to appear in Chandragupta, the future King. He obtained detailed information about Chandragupta and Chanakya immediately bought that boy from his parents-father 1,000 rupees. At that time Chandragupta was eight or nine-year-old boy. Chanakya has provided him with all-round disciplinary subjects and all-round education of practical and technical arts. It is believed that there were only a few major ruling castes in which Shakya, Maurya had more influence. Chandragupta was the son of the same head. Chanakya made him his disciple, and laid the foundation of a strong nation, which till now is an ideal.

Details of the early life of Chandragupta received from lobe sources. Chanakya taught Chandragupta from Ved Shastro to war and politics. By educating Chandragupta for nearly eight years, Chanakya made him a brave warrior.

According to Chanakya, the education and qualities of an ideal ruler:

Kautilya was a supporter of the monarchy He said that should the pleasure of the king in the pleasures of the people and And the interest of the king should only be in the interest of the people. For this, so he should be educated from childhood. The process of becoming a good ruler should start tonsure ceremony. First of all, the alphabet and the number should be practiced and after the Upaniyan, there should be knowledge of new analytical dialogue and penalties. Kautilya educated Chandra Gupta Maurya from her childhood as a great ruler from childhood. With the help of Chanakya’s education the Chandragupta not only defeat Sikandar, but with his education and intellectual skills, he became immortalized in the pages of history as a noble ruler.

According to Chanakya, the description of how a ruler should be, he has written determinedly in Chanakya Nityi. According to Kautilya:

  • The king should be the elite
  • The king should be healthy and follow the regime
  • Good ruler must be courageous, scriptural, self-centered, and strong.
  • Should be free from work-anger, lust and greed.

Chanakya says that-

Just as the lick of wood is destroyed quickly, in the same way the princes of the princess who are not educated, the princes are destroyed without any war.

The above statement of Kautilya is undoubtedly also on the children of all the families of creation.

The composition of Economics:

The great work Kautilya’s composition of economics is still relevant today. There are fifteen tribunals, one hundred eighty episodes, one hundred and fifty chapters and six thousand verses. in This masterpiece includes politics, economics, engineering-science, chemistry, geo-learning and many topics covered. This book manuscript by Kautilya came out when the Brahmin of Tanjore gifted in the private library of Mysore in 1905.

Although earlier it was known to the scholars that Kautilya had a book on economics written on handwriting, but there was no evidence. Based on the handwritten economics by Kautilya these texts are a political treatise.

This includes all political ideas. Kautilya has projected the concept of the state. But it is difficult to say why the idea of ​​the state was projected at that time. Probably the reason for leaving the teaching work of Kautilya and being in the system would be the reason for the state’s origin. may be, At that time existing violence and disorder would have given rise to the concept of state. State came to be seen as a power.

According to Chanakya, 7 parts of the state:

Chanakya has divided the state into seven limbs, while presenting its predecessor scholars Manu, Bhishma and Venus state imagination.

  1. Swamiji: Swami, that is, the King around which powers revolve around. According to Kautilya, Meaning of amatya is both minister and the administrative officer.
  2. Amatya: amatya is another important part of the king.
  3. District: Kautilya has accepted the district as the third pole. The district office means the land acquired. Describing the district, Kautilya says, the establishment of the district should be such that Where adequate yields of grain. Farmers are hardworking and people are pure people. Rivers and fields create an environment of prosperity.
  4. Fortress: Kautilya has said that the fort is symbolic of protective power and aggression power towards the state. They have interpreted four types of castes.
  • Aadic fort: Water is filled around this fort.
  • Parvat castle: it is surrounded by mountains or rocks.
  • Dhanvad fort: There are underground lands where there is no water.
  • Forest fort: forests and swamps are found around them.
  1. Fund: Funds are required to operate in the state and from other countries to get out of war and natural calamities. Kautilya acknowledged his importance and said that-

Religion, meaning and work is the most important meaning of all three, or it should be said that the meaning is both the pillar of the meaning.

  1. Penalty: According to Kautilya, punishments represent the army. The army is a symbol of the security of the state.
  2.  Mitra: According to Kautilya, the progress of the state is also necessary. Kautilya says that a friend should be such that the descent is traditional, with enthusiasm, and which can help in critical time.

Kautilya’s biggest contribution in the international sector is the board theory and the monumental is private. Divisional states are considered to be a circle. Manu has also supported the hereditary policy of six symptoms, and the description is also found in Mahabharata. Kautilya can be called the first philosopher in Rajdarshan.

Creating Intelligence According to Chanakya:

Kautilya has described the activities and expansion of intelligence. Intelligence students, ascetics, businessmen etc. can be more. The task of detectives is to give the country’s secret information to the king and make the detectives happy by giving money and honor.

Some things about Acharya Chanakya:

* As the forest does not have any sandalwood in all the forests, just like gentle people find less in all places.

* If the friends who talk smoothly and spoil your work behind the back, then it is better to give up those friends.

* The force of the Brahmins is his teachings; the force of kings is his army. The force of prostitution is his wealth and the power of Shudra is to serve others.

Life of Chanakya: Immense Source of Motivation:

Those who say that, luck has already been written, and then what is the use of trying, Chanakya   called for those people-

You know what fortunately, it is written that trying will give success.

It is well known that poverty is destroyed from the beginning. Having spent the entire life as a teacher, he taught society, that –

“An educated person gets respect everywhere, education can be defeat beauty.”

The whole life of Chanakya proves that, the person rises above his qualities, not sitting in a higher level. The teachings of Chanakya presenting the example of a superior nation by establishing strong central rule through Chandragupta Maurya are relevant to the society and the country.

Death of Chanakya:

Because there is no concrete evidence about the death of Chanakya, historians are not considered to have a single opinion about it; it is believed that their death took place around 300 BC. Some people believe that they had given up the food and sacrificed their bodies and some people talk about their killing by a conspiracy.

Various types of things are mentioned about Acharya Chanakya’s death. It is said that after completing all his work, one day, after riding on a chariot, he went away in the forests away from Magadha and after that he never returned.

* Some historians believe that he was murdered by queen Helena of Magath, who was poisoned. Some believe that Helena had her assassinated.
* It is said that due to the conspiracy of Bindukara Minister Subhadhu, in the mind of emperor Bindusara it was generated that the reason for the death of his mother was Chanakya. Because of this, gradually the distance between the king and Chanakya increased and one day Chanakya left the palace forever. However, Bindusara later regretted that.

According to another story, Bindusar’s minister, Subhadu, tried to burn Acharya alive, in which he also succeeded. Although according to historical facts, Chanakya had sacrificed himself   or he was a victim of a conspiracy, it has not been clear till date.

Or they were victims of a conspiracy, it has not been cleaned up to this day.A single thing presented by friends, Chanakya is important. The name of Chanakya, the precious heritage of India, is mentioned in the golden letters in the pages of history. With their utterance, the pens are paused-

The word impossible is used only by cowardly, brave and intelligent people pave their way.

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