George Washington : A Biography of George Washington!

George Washington (George Washington) United States than the United States to be the first president are more remembered as a great fighter US. It is said about them that ‘war was the first time, peace was also the first in the message and in the heart of the people of their country were also first.’ They are also considered the ‘Father of America’.
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Short Biography of George Washington !

George Washington A Biography of George Washington!

Country                                        America (United States)
Full Name of George Washington George washington ( 1st U.S. President )
Nick Name of George Washington The American Cincinnatus, Father of his country ,The american fabius, Town destroyer
Born of George Washington 22 February 1732
Born Place of George Washington Popes Creek, Colony of Virginia, British America
Death of George Washington 14 December 1799 (age 67 years)
Death Place of George Washington Mount Vernon, Virginia, U.S
Father of George Washington Augustine.
Mother of George Washington Mary Ball
Brothers of George Washington Lawrence Washington, John Augustine Washington, Charles Washington, Samuel Washington, Augustine Washington Jr., Butler Washington
Sisters of George Washington Betty Washington Lewis, Jane Washington, Mildred Washington
Married                                          Yes
Wife of George Washington Martha Washington (m. 1759–1799)
Son of George Washington No
Daughter of George Washington No

Full Biography of George Washington :


George Washington was America’s first president. George Washington led America’s ‘Continental Army’ and fought against the British army during the American War of Independence (1775 – 1783 AD). After becoming President, he helped to determine this matter, what would the role of the American President go forward?

Early Life and Education:

George Washington was born in Virginia, USA, at that time a colony of the British. George Washington’s father Augustine Washington had a good land and he was a plantation owner.

Unfortunately when George was 11 years old, his father died. But after this he was raised by his elder brother Lawrence.Lawrence taught his younger brother to be well-groomed and to become a gentleman. Lawrence ensured that his brother received basic education, including mathematics.When George turned 16, he started working as a Surveyor. They made maps of new land and got information from them in detail.

Before the American Freedom Struggle and married life:

George Washington settled his life after the war with France. He married a woman named Martha, who was a widow. Martha received a lot of property from her first husband. At the same time, his brother Lawrence, who was caring for Washington, had also died and he too left a big property for him. Washington went to his new home with his wife, who is now known as ‘Mount Vernon’.

George and Martha never had any child. Martha, who had 2 children with the first husband, was the only one whom George Washington called his son.George had now become the owner of a lot of land and he was also a member of Legislative Assembly of Virginia.

Soon George and his fellow landowners felt that their British rulers were behaving inappropriately with them. He complained to the British government and pleaded for his rights. But when the British government refused to accept their demands, then the American colonies declared war against them. Britain lost in the war and America emerged as a new country. George Washington became the first president of this country.

George Washington recruitment in US Army:

Shortly after joining the US Army recruitment service, George Washington was join to the U.S. military. Where he got the rank of Major on 6 November 1752. That is why he got momentum in his military life. After this, he was elected as Virginia’s representative on July 24, 1758. This was their biggest ever success. During this time George Washington participated in the war against France.George was elected the Chief of the combined forces of the North States on June 16, 1775. As George, the Prime Minister had rid himself of sixteen British Army soldiers in a nine year war. During this time, George Washington forced the British government to independence of the United States. Constantly touching heights, Lt George Washington was elected General and commander in chief on July 4, 1798.

On June 16, 1775, the joint forces of the UTs were elected as US President, then in the nine year war, they rescued the Sixth Army of the British Army and to recognize the independence of the United States (which was announced on July 4, 1776). Forced the British government.

George Washington as a first US President:

On May 28, 1787, Coggard became the President of the Washington Federal Conference. After this, on September 17 this year, George Washington signed the constitutional statute. George Washington assumed the position of the first President of America on 30 April 1789. George Washington has been president for two periods.

Those two periods were Washington’s president, both of them lasted peacefully. In this time, George Washington established many roles and practices of the American President, which is continues to these days.

Until this point, the military and political leadership of Washington placed him at high level to become America’s first president. In 1789, George Washington was voted the first President of America with Vice President John Adams. As President, Washington established several examples like the establishment of the cabinet, the appointment of Supreme Court judges, and the formation of the first national bank.

They played an important role in the formation of the American government according to the constitution.

After two periods, George himself withdrew from this position and set out the rule that no person can be president more than two terms. He did this because he did not want any person to become powerful by staying in this position for a long time and then start his rule like a king or dictator.

Death of George Washington:

Just two years after he was removed from the presidency, George was caught by a severe cold and died on 14 December 1799 due to infection in the throat.

George Washington (George Washington) United States than the United States to be the first president are more remembered as a great fighter US. It is said about them that ‘war was the first time, peace was also the first in the message and in the heart of the people of their country were also first.’ They are also considered the ‘Father of America’.

Some interesting facts related to George Washington:

  • George is the only President of the United States who was unanimously elected for this post. That is, all other parties also voted for them.
  • America’s current capital, ‘Washington D.C.’ has been named after George Washington, but he has never been in the form of President. Because his time was the capital of New York City American.
  • George Washington had announced it had freed his slaves in his will.

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