Meloni’s comment on BRI

Italy has officially withdrawn from China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative, marking the end of its participation more than four years after becoming the only G7 nation to sign up. The decision, communicated to Beijing three days prior, reflects Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s long-standing opposition to Italy’s involvement in an initiative seen by many as an attempt by Beijing to exert political influence.

  • Italy joined the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2019 under the government of then Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.
  • Prime Minister Meloni has been critical of the initiative, expressing concerns about its limited benefits to Italy and the potential for Beijing to use it to buy political influence.
  • The decision to withdraw comes ahead of the automatic renewal date in March 2024, allowing Italy to opt out by the end of the year.

Meloni’s Stance and Diplomatic Channels

  • Prime Minister Meloni has emphasized that leaving the project would not compromise relations with China, and the withdrawal was done in a way to “keep channels of political dialogue open.”
  • The move is seen as a balancing act to disengage from the initiative without provoking Beijing and risking retaliation against Italian companies.

BRI and Global Dynamics

  • China’s Belt and Road Initiative has seen participation from over 150 countries, with significant investments in infrastructure projects worldwide.
  • Critics argue that the initiative can lead to massive debt burdens for participating countries and provide China with undue influence in global affairs.
  • Italy’s withdrawal is viewed as having limited impact, considering other major European economies like Germany and France did not join the BRI but secured important trade and investment deals.

Global Concerns

  • There are concerns, particularly among Western nations, that China may seek to reshape the global world order in its favor through initiatives like BRI.
  • The United States has warned that China could use the BRI as a pretext to build military bases around the world, citing protection of BRI investments.


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