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Short Biography of Ravindra kaushik: 

Bio of Ravindra Kaushik/Short Wiki:

biography of Ravindra Kaushik

Image Source: Ravindra Kaushik facebook Page

Real Name                                : Ravindra Kaushik
Nick Name                               : Black Tiger (given by ex Prime
Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi)
Other Name                             : Nabi Ahmed Shakir
Profession                                : Intelligence Agent
Famous For                             : being one of the most popular agent of India

Intelligence Service:

Agency                                       : RAW (Research and Analysis Wing)

Year of Joining                        : 1973 

Family of Ravindra Kaushik : 

Father of Ravindra Kaushik      : J M Kaushik (Indian Airforce Person, died of shock and heart Failure

Mother of Ravindra Kaushik     : Amla Devi (died in 2006)

Wife of Ravindra Kaushik           : Amanat daughter of a Pakistani Army officer

Children’s of Ravindra Kaushik : Son – none, Daughter – 1 (not known)

Brother of Ravindra Kaushik    : Rajeshwarnath Kaushik (younger)

Sister’s of Ravindra Kaushik     : Name not known

Relationalship’s & Affairs: 

Marital Status                          : Married 

Personal Life: 

Nationality                               : Indian

D.O.B                                       : 11 April 1952

Born Palace                             : Shri Ganganagar, Rajashtan, India

Date of Death                          : 21 November 2001

Place of Death                         : Cental Jail Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan

Age (at the time of death)        : 49

Death Cause                           : Pulmonary Tuber Culosis and Heart disease

School                                     : A Government School in Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

Hometown                               : Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

College/University                   : SD Bihani College in Shri Ganganagar Rajasthan The University of Karachi

Education qualification            : B.Com. From SD Bihani College Shri Ganganagar Rajasthan

LLB from the University of Karachi

Religion                                   : Hindu

Note-: while he was on a secret mission to Pakistan, he had Converted to Islam

Cast                                         : Brahmin

Hobbies                                   : Acting, watching films, listening  To music

Controversies                        : his family claimed that the Storyline of the 2012 Bollywood Film, “Ek Tha Tiger”, was based on the life Ravindra Kaushik.
They also demanded that hid name Should be given in the film’s credit.

Drinking Habit                          : Not known

Smoking Habit                         : Not known

Full Biography of Ravindra Kaushik:

Biography of Black Tiger (Ravindra Kaushik): 

Spying is very difficult job for a country to go to a country of enemy. On one hand, wherever the sword of death is hanging on their necks, on the other hand, if they are caught in the enemy’s country while serving the country, then the government of their own country does not accept them, they does not have any kind of support . And in the end, when they die in the enemy country, they do not have any luck till their soil.

Today, we tell you the true story of an Indian spy who went to Pakistan and crack the exam of the Pakistani army and reached Major’s post. But when he was caught, the Indian government did not help in any way, even after his death, his corpse did not even bring the country. This story is Indian Jabanjan Detective ‘Ravindra Kaushik’ aka ‘Black Tiger’.

History of Ravindra Kaushik
Image Source: Ravindra Kaushik facebook Page

Ravindra Kaushik, resident of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, was born on April 11, 1952. His childhood was spent in Ganganagar. Since childhood he was fond of the theater; He grew up becoming a theater actor. Once when he was doing a program in Lucknow, the officials of Indian intelligence agency RAW saw him. They saw that there was a ability of becoming a detective. RAW officials meet him and proposed him for becoming a spy to go to Pakistan which he accepted.

Raw started his training. Before going to Pakistan. His training lasted for about two years in Delhi. Circumcision was done to avoid any of problem in Pakistan. He was given information about Urdu, Islam and Pakistan. After the training was over, Ravindra was sent to Pakistan at the age of 23. In Pakistan, his name was changed to Navi Ahmad Shakir. Ravindar was a resident of Ganganagar where Punjabi is spoken and Punjabi is spoken in most areas of Pakistan, so he did not have much trouble getting set up in Pakistan.

An Indian Spy became An Army officer in Pakistan Army: 

Ravindra took admission in the university for education in Pakistan, from where he graduated in law. After the completion of studies, he was admitted to the Pakistani army and taking the promotion, he reached the rank of Major. In the meantime, he married Amanat, the girl of an army officer there and became the father of a daughter.

Rabindra Kaushik has brought important information related to the Army and the Government from 1979 to 1983. RAW impressed with his work and Gave the title of Black Tiger.  In 1983, RAW sent another agent to Pakistan to meet Ravindra Kaushik. But he cought by the Pakistan intelligence agency and agency assault him.  After long torture and inquiry, he told everything about Ravindra Kaushik.

ravindra koushk
Image Source: Ravindra Kaushik facebook Page

Ravindra tried to escape from fear of knowing, but the Indian government did not take interest in his return. Ravindra was arrested and put in jail in Sialkot. Despite greed and torture in the inquiry, he refused to give any information about India. He was sentenced to death in 1985, which was later converted into life imprisonment. He died after being imprisoned for 16 years in Mianwali jail in 2001. After his death, the Indian government refused to take his dead body.

The Indian government destroyed all records related to Ravindra and warned RAW that he remained silent in this matter. His father was an officer in the Indian Air Force. After retiring, he started working in Textile Mill. Ravindra wrote many letters from the prison to his family. He used to tell the story of atrocities on himself. In one letter, he had asked his father whether it is the people who give sacrifices in a big country like India.

Cherishing the memories of his brother,Rajeshwar Kaushik said:-

For the country he was just an agent but for me he will always be important to me.

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