Steve Jobs History: Biography of Steve Jobs!

Steven Paul Jobs was an American inventor. He was ambitious and a hardworking person. He was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple Inc., Pixar, and Co-Founder and CEO, Next Ink.

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Short Biography of Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs History Biography of Steve Jobs!

Country                                        United States
Full Name of Steve Jobs Steven Paul Jobs
Nick Name of Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Blow
Born of Steve Jobs 24 February 1955
Born Place of Steve Jobs San Francisco, California, United States
Death of Steve Jobs 5 October 2011
Death Place of Steve Jobs Palo Alto, California, United States
Father of Steve Jobs Real father( Abdulfattah John Jandali), Paul Reinhold Jobs
Mother of Steve Jobs Real mother (Joanne Schieble Simpson ), Clara Jobs
Brothers of Steve Jobs No
Sisters of Steve Jobs 2(Mona Simpson, Patricia Ann Jobs)
Married                                           Yes
Wife of Steve Jobs Laurene Powell (m.11 1991-2011)
Son of Steve Jobs Reed Jobs
Daughter of Steve Jobs 2 (Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Eve Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs)

Biography in details of Steve Jobs:


Steven Paul Jobs was an American inventor. He was ambitious and a hardworking person. He was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple Inc., Pixar, and Co-Founder and CEO, Next Ink.

They have the highest shares of Pixar Animation Studios, as he was also director of the board of The Walt Disney Company of, Pixar animation is involved in their own property. He was also the founder of Pixar, Chairman, as well as CEO of Next Incorporation. Jobs have been called the father of the computer revolution in the 1970s.

Earlier life of Steven Jobs:

Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. After the birth, Steve was decided to adopt someone. The first couple who were selected to adopt Steve was educated and rich but suddenly he had a desire to adopt a girl instead of a boy.

After this, Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara. Steve’s real mother wanted her son to get an educated family but Paul was a mechanic and Clara was the accountant and both of them did not complete the college. Now Steve’s mother promised her real mom she would teach Steve to college anyhow.

Now Steve had got his new family, who came to live in California (California) Mountain View (Mountain View) in 1961. That began their studies. Steve Jobs’s father opened the garage to run home and also Steve electronics tour started from here. Steve began to tamper with electronic and felt cool. They broke first and then used to add.


Steve jobs were intelligent but they did not like to go to school. In most schools, they used to do mischief, But due to the sharp minded, the teachers talked about getting them in a higher class before time. but the parents of Steve refused. At the age of 13, he met Steve Wozniak. Wozniak’s mind was too fast and he loved the electronic too, perhaps that’s why both of them soon became friends.

On completion of high school, Steve enrolled in Reid College, whose fees were very high and Steve’s parents were spending huge hardships. Soon he realized that he did not feel like studying and parents’ money was also wasted, so Steve decided that he would leave the college.

After this he joined Creative College. Steve worked as a technician in the year 1973. In 1974, he came to India with some friends of Reed College in search of spiritual knowledge. In India, he spent much time in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. After spending seven months in India, he returned to America again. They started wearing Indian clothes and adopted Buddhism.

The beginning of the career:

He started his business with his father’s garage. Which we all know today by Apple. With Steve’s hard work and diligence, his company became a company of 4000 employees with a profit of $ 2 billion, and Apple’s personal computer market remained in it. Apple Computer rapidly occupied the entire market.

The Apple Company became the people’s choice and made profit, and in this way, it became a second major company to make personal computers at the end of a year. Apple was the first company to produce such a large amount of personal computers. Jobs kissed success steps overnight and Apple’s computers became famous all over the world. After that he presented Apple 2. That was the system that used many colors. At that time Apple had made a place in the hearts of people.

For the success of the company, he placed a man in the company, after which he got differences with him, the Board of Director and all did not support him and he was fired from his company. They were broken when they left Apple Company, failure was being eaten by them but they did not give up. They thought: I will break through giving such a defeat and I will not be able to do anything, it is better that I start a new one. If this thing does not get caught in their mind at that time So maybe today we do not get our Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs knew that no one knows better computer than him, so why not start a new one Then Steve opened the company named Next, the first product was ‘High and personal computer,’ but nothing happened because Apple and Lisa had already surrounded the market but Steve was also not one of those who refused to give a company Software changed into company.

After that, only the fate of Steve Jobs was opened. His company earned so much that in 1986, Steve bought a graphics company with $ 10 million and named him ‘Pixar’. After this Steve did not look back in life. When Pixar got along with Disney, this company touched the sky of success.

Meanwhile, Apple Company was running a deficit Apple bought “Next” from $ 477 million, and Steve Jobs became Apple’s CEO. It was at this time that Apple removed unique product such as iPod and Apple’s first mobile phone in 2007, which spread the revolution in the mobile phone market. That phone sold hands with hands and Steve Jobs became Star

Death of Steven Jobs:

When he did not know between happiness and success, he had a disease like pancreatic cancer. In 2003 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They did not treat the disease properly. Jobs died at the home of Palo Alto, California on 5 October 2011. On their demise, large companies like Microsoft and Disney lamented. In an American magazine, “the most powerful man in the industry.”

Apple CEO’s former CEO and renowned US industrialist Steve Jobs struggles to achieve this position in life.

“Think Different” was Steve’s original mantra. How small a word, but with the depth of the word that is so deeply loaded, he changed the industry, gave a new definition to the business model. He believed always that if we want to be successful in life, so you have to learn to walk alone without waiting for anyone.

Meaning of Job’s Biography:

Steve Jobs got ready to write his biography that his children can understand why he could not spend time with them. Walter isaacson, nominated for Pulitzer Prize for his biography ‘Steve Jobs’. The title, ‘I Steve: The Book of Jobs’ will now come in the market one month before the scheduled time. Due to Job’s demise, its title has been changed.

In the last few weeks of his life, very sick jobs met with his biographer Walter isaacson in his home in Palo Alto, California. Walter isaacson said that Jobs was very painful at that time. He was in the bedroom room of his lower floor, Because of the weakness they could not step up the stair of his house. When the author asked him how he was following strict rules for keeping his private life private, then how did it happen to give an interview for his biography, then the answer from Jobs : ‘I thought my children know about me.

He said that I could not always give them time and I wanted them to know why it happened and understand what I did.  At the same time in August, he resigned from the post of co-founder chief executive. The authors said that their mind was moving fast even then and they were joking and laughing.

The biography states that Jobs had realized weeks ago that he is going to die shortly. Biographer said that the last scenes of those days of the Steve’s will be presented at the end of the book.


  • In 1982, he was awarded “Machine of the Year” for his company Apple Computer by Time Magazine.
  • Steve was rewarded with the “California Hall of Fame”.
  • He was honored with the award of “National Medal of Technology” by the President of America.

Steve Job’s Inspiring Statement:

  • We should not spoil our today in tomorrow concern.
  • If your eyesight is always on profit, you will not be able to pay attention to the quality of the product.
  • If you put your full attention on the quality of the product then success will make your steps smile.
  • If you want to do great work then you always love your work.
  • Death is the biggest invention of life.




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