Who is Usain Bolt: A Biography of Usain Bolt!

“Usain Bolt was born on 21, Aug, 1986 in Jamaica. His mother’s name is Jennifer Bolt and the father’s name is Wellesley Bolt. Usain Bolt’s parents used to care for their three children by running a grocery shop”.

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Short Biography of Usain Bolt!

Who is Usain Bolt A Biography of Usain Bolt!

Country                                        Jamaica
Full Name of Usain Bolt Saint Leo Usain Bolt
Nick Name of Usain Bolt Lightning Bolt
Born of Usain Bolt 21 August 1986
Born Place of Usain Bolt Sherwood content, in Jamaica
Father of Usain Bolt Wellesley Bolt
Mother of Usain Bolt Jennifer bolt
Brothers of Usain Bolt 1(Sadiki Bolt)
Sisters of Usain Bolt 1(Sherine Bolt)
Married                                          No
Wife of Usain Bolt Kasi Bennett(Girlfriend)
Son of Usain Bolt
Daughter of Usain Bolt

Full Biography ofUsain Bolt:


Usain Bolt is the fastest running athlete of human history ever. Usain Bolt made live history by winning 9 gold medals in track and fleet events in the Olympic Games because no other person has been able to do so. He has achieved rare achievement of triple-triple in the Olympic Games. Bolt has 100m, 200m and 4x100m Three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics (2008), London (2012) and Rio (2016) in the relay event. In this way Usain Bolt got his name as the world’s greatest runner.

History of Usain Bolt:

Usain Bolt was born on 21, Aug, 1986 in Jamaica. His mother’s name is Jennifer Bolt and the father’s name is Wellesley Bolt. Usain Bolt’s parents used to care for their three children by running a grocery shop.

Usain Bolt was sent to Waldensia Primary School for primary education. In this school, Balak Usain was identified as a Farrata Runner and he got 10m here. Win many contests of the race. Bolt went to William Nib Memorial High School, where he started playing cricket.

The sports coach of this school felt that Usain Bolt could become a better athlete rather than a cricketer. After this, Usain Bolt got 200 m in his school. The race involved in a competition. He completed this race in just 22.04 seconds.

Usain Bolt’s Career:

Usain Bolt started coaching from Olympian Pablo McNeil for the purpose of making a career in athletics. Bolt first participated in the International IAAF World Youth Championship held in 2001 in Debrecen, Hungary. Though Bolt could not move ahead with the qualifiers here, but he did 200 meters He finished the race in 21.73 seconds, which was his best time till then. After this, Usain held the 200m world junior championship held in Kingston, Jamaica in 2002. Winning the race in 20.61 seconds won. In 2004, Usain Bolt participated in the Athens Olympics, which was his first Olympics.

Bolt joined the new coach Glenn Mills in 2005. Glenn helped him to become professional. Usain Bolt guided the Glenn Mills 200m the race was completed in just 19.99 seconds.

In the career of Usain Bolt, the year of 2006 has not been good. They had to stay out of Commonwealth Games because of hamstring injuries. In 2007, in the world championship held in Osaka, Japan, Bolt made 200m. In the race, the best time of his career took 19.96 seconds. But Tyson G. won 19.76 seconds and won the race.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Usain Bolt tried to dismiss people as less experienced. But Usain Bolt stopped critics from his performance. Bolt 100m Final race won 9.69 secs for the time being. After this he was 200m. The final also won by taking the time of 19.30s. Usain Bolt won the third gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 4x100m Won in Relay Race. However, after 9 years in 2017, after being found guilty of doping with a partner of the relay team, Nesta Carter, Bolt was 4 times 100 meters in Beijing. Riley Race had to lose gold medal.

100m due to incorrect start of Bolt in 2011 World Championship Daigu Removed from the final. Although 200m He won the run of 19.40 secs. After this 4x100m He also won the Relay Race in Jamaica with his teammates in 37.04 seconds. In the 2012 Summer Olympics, Usain Bolt consistently scored 100m in two Olympics. And 200m Farrata became the first athlete to win the race. He is 100 m the race is 9.63 seconds and 200 meters. The race won in 19.32 seconds. After that, he completed double triple by winning four times hundred meters relay race.

In the world championship held in Moscow in 2013, he was 100m in 9.77 s And 19.66m 200 m in Completed the race. Apart from this, they are 4x100m In the relay final also won gold medal In this way he became the most successful athlete in the 30-year history of athletics world championship. 100m and 200m due to hamstring injury in 2014 Commonwealth Games Not participated in the race. But they are 4 times 100m. Won gold by taking part in relay. Usain Bolt won the Beijing World Championship in 2015, with 100m, 200m, 9.79s, 19.55s and 4x100m respectively. Riley Race with his colleagues completed in 37.36 seconds.

Usain Bolt once again participated in all the three competitions in the 2016 Rio Olympics, bringing his Olympic Medal Table 9 gold medal to the Olympics. They are 100 m in Rio Run 9.81 seconds, 200 meters Runs 19.78 secs and 4 times 100m Riley Race completed in 37.27 seconds. Usain Bolt had to satisfy the bronze medal in the World Athletics Championship in 2017 with a 9.95 s in the 100 meters Farrata race. In this race, Justin Gatlin took the gold medal with 0.05 seconds from Bolt and Christine Coleman won the Silver Medal with Bolt for 0.01 seconds.

In the World Athletics Championship in 2017, the 4×100 meter race was the last race of their athletics career. In this race Usain Bolt fell into the middle of the hamstring injury, but he refused to sit on the wheel chair and crossed the finish line with the help of his teammates.

Awards and achievements of Usain Bolt:

  • Bolt won the first prize in 2001 as a silver medal in a school level championship.
  • In 2002, Usain Bolt became the youngest athlete to win the gold medal in the World Junior Championship.
  • Bolt made his Olympic debut in the Olympic Games at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Won in the Farrata race.

Usain Bolt names on world record:

Usain Bolt completed the 100 meter race in 9.58 seconds in Berlin in 2009, which is a world record. The second best time is 9.63 s in their record also. The record for the third best time is combined with Usain Bolt as well as Tyson Gay and John Blake.Bolt completed the final hundred meter race in 8.70 seconds in Manchester in a 150 meter race in 2009. He completed the entire 150 meter race in 14.35 seconds.

Bolt’s maximum average speed is 41.38 kmph. Usain Bolt’s name is 200 m there is also a world record, which he completed in 1916, after completing the race in Berlin.

Interesting information about Usain Bolt:

  • Usain Bolt is known as a happy person and he is fond of dance and music.
  • Usain Bolt has said in the interview many times that if he is not a Farrata racer then he would have been a cricketer. He was due to participate in Australia’s Big Bash League due to his interest in cricket. He also gave Australia’s cricketer Shane Warne his consent. However, later he did not participate in this tournament.
  • Usain Bolt is also known by the name of lightning bolt due to his speed. After winning the race, they celebrate with their hands differently by making an arrow-shaped shape. This pose has been identified as lightning bolt pause or bolting.
  • The film, I Am Bolt, based on Usain Bolt’s athletic career in 2016, is directed by Benjamin Turner and Gab Turner.

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