Who was Adolf Hitler: History and Biography of Adolf Hitler!

“Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in a small village of Brananin, Austria, which used to be near the German border at that time. His father’s name was Alois and mother’s name was Lara Ploji”.

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Who was Adolf Hitler History and Biography of Adolf Hitler!

A Short Biography of Adolf Hitler!

Country                                        Germany
Full Name of Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler
Nick Name of Adolf Hitler Wolfsschlucht, Werwolf, Wolf
Born of Adolf Hitler 20 April 1889
Death of Adolf Hitler 30 April 1945 (Suicide)
Born Place of Adolf Hitler Austria
Death Place of Adolf Hitler Berlin
Father of Adolf Hitler Alois Hitler
Mother of Adolf Hitler Klara Pölzl
Brothers of Adolf Hitler 4(Alois Hitler, Jr., Otto Hitler, Gustav Hitler,Edmund Hitler)
Sisters of Adolf Hitler 3(Paula Hitler, Angela Hitler, Ida Hitler)
Married                                          Yes
Wife of Adolf Hitler Eva Braun (29–30 April 1945)
Son of Adolf Hitler
Daughter of Adolf Hitler


Biography in Details of Adolf Hitler:


A 18-year-old boy was crying at a sepulchre graveyard in a deserted graveyard and was crying and saying, “Why did mother leave me leaving  … you know how much I love you … now How can i live without you You grieved a lot and I did not even give you any happiness  “The boy, who was crying over the death of his mother, went on to become one of the most discussed (possibly most disgusting) people of the 20th century and It is believed that because of Hitler and the war, killed six million Jews during the Holocaust and the death of 70 million people as a result of World War II. Yes, we are talking about the world’s most dictatorial ruler Adolf Hitler.

History of Adolf Hitler:

Prior to the birth of Adolf Hitler, his mother Clara Hitler had planned to have an abortion, but at a time the doctor had refused it, otherwise it would not have been a dictator.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in a small village of Brananin, Austria, which used to be near the German border at that time. His father’s name was Alois and mother’s name was Lara Ploji. In May 1895, Adolf Hitler was admitted to the village school when he was six years old. His father had retired from the Austrian civil service. Now the teachers were kept to him in school with discipline, and Dad used to take strict stance after returning home. In this troubled father’s tough stance, Adolf Hitler ran away from home but after some time he came back. After this incident his father decided to leave his city Bacon and were settled in Lmbc city Austria | There was an old Catholic church in Lamb, where Adolph was used to play after school every day. Often, he saw the Swastika symbol of the church what made from stones and lacquishers. In 1898, his family returned to his native village forever forever. In 1900 Adolf Hitler’s younger brother Edmund died of smallpox due to which Adolf Hitler suffered a severe shock. Now his self-confidence had broken and he often started feeling depressed. After that When Hitler’s age was 13 years old, his father died, and after that his mother raised him.

Hitler’s interest gradually started to be in politics too. When Hitler’s age was 19 years old, his mother also died, and after this, none of his relatives gave Hitler with him; eventually, for his sustenance, Hitler went to Vienna, Austria’s Austrian capital.

Due to not good in studies, Hitler could never go to college. After failed in studies, he tried hand in painting and due to the failure there, he turned to politics.

It is said that in the First World War, British soldiers gave up alive an injured German soldier. He was the lucky soldier Adolf Hitler, but later he slaughtered had hit of Jews. Hitler’s first love after being so tortured by the Jews was a Jewish girl. But He was no courage that he could express his love to that girl. 

Adolf Hitler in 1st World War:

When World War I started, Hitler joined the army and participated in several battles in France. Being injured in the war in 1918, he remained in the hospital. Hitler was very sad about Germany’s defeat. In 1918, he founded the Nazi party. Its aim was to snatch all the rights of Communists and Jews. Its members had patriotism filled the opium.

This group blamed the Jews for the defeat of World War I Many Germans became members of this party when the Nazi party leader Hitler assured to correct him in his respective speeches due to the financial condition of the poor. Hitler aimed to improve the land, end the Versailles treaty and set up a huge German empire in front of the public so that the Germans could live happily.

Thus Hitler became an influential figure in 1922. He marked Swastik with his party, which is auspicious of Hinduism. Through newspapers, Hitler publicizes the principles of his party in public. Hitler attempted to overthrow the German government in 1923 AD.For which he made a troop of soldiers who wears the brown colored. In that he failed and was put in jail. Within the jail yard, Hitler wrote his autobiography Mean Kampf (“My Conflict”) in which he interpreted the principle of the Nazi Party. 

The day when Hitler came to power:

30 January 1933, this date pushed Germany to the path of barbarity and other world wars. On this day Adolf Hitler was made the Chancellor of Germany. Then many did not realize that Hitler would become terror. Nazi propaganda showed it as occupation of power. On that day there was an atmosphere of despair at the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin. The people of the main Goebbels of Nazi Propaganda started depositing members of the Nazi Party organization SA. By the evening, 20,000 members of this squad were gathered there. In the evening, they took out a torch procession. Just hours before Hitler reached his goal. President Hindenburg appointed him Chancellor

The supporters welcomed the newly-appointed Reichchancler. Hitler accepted the greetings from a window of Chancellor’s office. Goebbels had planned a big event, dramatically, he wanted to show a new beginning in Germany. It was “the great night of miracles”. His plan was to become a garland of people for the torch in the city. But the common people ruined her plan. But he made this photo later Famous Jewish painter Max Lieberman commented on the torch process, saying that he wanted to “vomit” seeing it all.

Indeed on 30th January a dream was completed for Hitler and his companions. Goebels was happy and wrote in his diary, “Hitler has become a Reichchancler, we are in Parilok.” Without thinking, the graveyard of the Republic’s grave was made the Chancellor of the country. He cleared his plans in his biography, Maine Kampf. He wrote that the Jews will be wiped out and the new territory will be won with the help of the sword.

Tithes are remembered in the days of power grabbing on January 30, 1933. This word is also the product of Nazi propaganda. What a big joke of history that the appointment of Hitler was done in a just manner. Hindenburg said after Hitler had been administered the oath of Chancellor, “now proceed with the help of Lord God.” He himself did not see that Hitler’s path led to Germany’s massacre and world war. He died in 1934.

Hitler has shown very soon that how intense he was to enclose, weaken or control it was childish. Within a few days of becoming a Chancellor, the terrorism of the Nazis’ organization of the goons started panic throughout the country. Atrocities started on communists, social democrats and trade unions. A few days later, the first torture camp was created where SA people harassed their opponents. After them the turn of the Jews and opponents came, within a few months, he dug the grave of the Vimar democracy and established his dictatorship over him.

World War II and Hitler:

Hitler believed that Germany would have to make great again, and for this regional expansion would have to be created. In 1938, Hitler signed with several other European leaders, Munich agreement. According to the treaty Germany was handed over to Sudetenland districts. As a result of the Summit, Hitler name was also published in Time of 1938 in Man of the Year. However, Hitler wanted more because the German army attacked Poland on 1 September 1939.

This led to the beginning of World War II. In response, Britain and France announced war on Germany two days later. In 1940, Hitler increased his military activities, in which Norway, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium were attacked. By July, Hitler ordered an attack on the United Kingdom and ordered the bombing of the United Kingdom. After this, the second war became very aggressive.

The German army initially achieved some successes, but due to many wrong decisions taken by Hitler the Russian army defeated the German army. This defeat made Hitler completely mad and he became psychologically neutral.

Hitler married And How He Died:

Since April 25, 1945, Hitler life had only one motive – preparing himself for his own death.

On April 25, he called his personal bodyguard Heinz Lighey and said, “As soon as I shoot myself, you take my dead body into the garden of the chancellery and set it on fire. No one has seen me after my death. You cannot go back to my room and after that you have to collect my uniform, the paper and everything I have used, and come out and set fire to it. The painting of Frederick the Great made of the unique graph is not touching you, which my driver will take out of Berlin safe after my death.

In the last days of his life, Hitler worked 50 cubits below the ground and worked only in the bunker. In order to exercise his favorite bitch Blandi, he sometimes went to the Garden of Chancery, where the wreckage of broken buildings destroyed by bombs was lying around.

Hitler used to go to sleep at five or six in the morning and woke up sleeping around noon. Hitler’s private secretary, Traudi Junga, was with Hitler in that bunker for the last moment. Hitler used to go to sleep at five or six in the morning and woke up sleeping around noon. Hitler’s private secretary, Traudi Junga, was with Hitler in that bunker for the last moment. “Hitler was sitting in the bunker and waiting for someone to come and save them. But one thing he had cleared from the beginning that if he does not win in the battle, then he will never leave Berlin and with his own hands he will die so we already knew what is going to happen.

When on April 22, 1945, Hitler told us that if you want you can go out of Berlin, then his girlfriend Eva Braun first said, ‘You know I will not leave you anywhere … I will stay here . ‘ The same thing came out of my mouth, spontaneously and myself. “At the same time, Hitler war production minister, Albert Speyer, had come to meet him and asked him to leave his bunker. Spear later recalled that by then Hitler had a lot of changes in his personality.

In the last weeks of his life, Hitler’s condition had become such that he could only have compassion for them. His whole body was moving and his shoulders were tilted. Their clothes were dirty and the biggest thing was that their attitude toward me was very cold. I came to take a leave from them. They knew that we were meeting for the last time, but I do not remember that they told me something that is touching the heart.

Robert Penn, who wrote Hitler’s description of the condition of that time, also wrote ‘The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler’. Pen writes, “Hitler’s face was swollen and innumerable wrinkles had fallen in him, and his life continued to live in his eyes, sometimes his right hand started shaking horribly and to stop that shiver, he left it with his left hand Used to catch. The way in which he bowed his head between his shoulders, he got an idea of ​​an old vulture. The most noticeable thing in his entire personality was that, like his drunken, faltering move it was probably due to the damage done to a fine membrane of their ear in a bomb blast. They move a little distance and hold the edge of a table. Within six months he was ten years old.

During his last days in Bunker, Hitler decided that he would marry Eva Brown and give legitimacy to that relationship. In his book “The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler” Robert Penn writes, the question is, who will get married? Goebels thought that Walter Wagner had married them. A soldier was sent to the address, and in the evening he was brought to Hitler’s bunker, but he forgot to bring a certificate of marriage with him. He got back to his house again. Wagner came back to Hitler bunker via the streets of the rubble, between the fierce firing of Russians. At that time the wedding feast was about to begin, and Hitler and Eva Braun were eagerly waiting for them. Hitler made Goebbels and Brown their witness to Borman.Adolf Hitlor with his wife

Robert Penn further writes, “Hitler’s signature was seen as a dead insect on the marriage certificate, and Eva Browne first wrote his name before marriage, and he also wrote ‘B’. Kata and then cleanly wrote Iva Hitler Brown. Goebels signed a similar sign to the spider’s web but did not forget to install a doctor before that date. The date on the certificate was written on 29 April which was wrong, because the wedding took place at twelve o’clock and 25 minutes. It should have been written on April 30 by law. After the wedding feast, Borman, Goebbels, Magda Goebels, General Krebs, General Burgdorf, two private secretaries of Hitler and their vegetarian chef were also involved. Ewa Hitler took the jam for the health of all. Eva drank quite a champagne. Hitler also took a sip of champagne and started talking about the old days when he joined Goebbels’ marriage. Then suddenly his mood changed and he said, “It’s all over. Everybody cheated me.”

On the last day of his life, Hitler took a few hours of sleep and got aroused. Often it has been seen that the prisoners who have been sentenced to death are sleeping in the night before their death. After bathing and shaving, Hitler met his generals. He said that the end is near. Soviet soldiers can enter their bunker at any moment.

At two o’clock, Hitler sat down to eat his last meal. After the meal, Hitler came to meet his colleagues for the last time. He shook hands with them to see their faces without. His wife Eva Browne was also with them. They were wearing dark blue dress and brown colored Italian shoes. On his wrist, the diamond studded the platinum thread was tied. Then they both went inside the room. Only then did the noise sound. Magda Goebels shouted to the door that Hitler should not commit suicide. If they are allowed to talk to them, they can persuade them not to do this.

Gerhard Bolt writes in his book “In the Shelter with Hitler”, “Hitler’s bodyguard was six and a half feet tall and was very much like a gorilla. Magda was so insistent on his point that Guvenche had hit the door of Hitler’s room. The door was not locked from inside. Guernsey asked Hitler whether you would like to meet Magda. Iva had no idea. Maybe he was in the bathroom because the sound of running water from inside was coming. Hitler turned and said, ‘I do not want to meet anyone.’ After that, they closed the door. ”

Standing outside the door, hez linge did not know when Hitler shot himself. His first impression took place when he had a small amount of ammunition in his nose. Rokas Mitch was a telephone operator in Hitler’s bunker.

A few years back, he had said to the BBC, “Suddenly I heard that someone shouted at Hitler’s attendant and said, ‘Leigh! Lyngay! Maybe Hitler is not there.’ Maybe he listened to the bullet, but I did not hear any sound. At the same time Hitler’s private secretary Borman asked everyone to be silent. Everyone was whispering At that time Borman ordered Hitler to open the door of the room. I saw Hitler’s head rolled on the table. Eva Browne was lying on the sofa and his knees were bent to the chest. He was dressed in a thick blue dress that was covered with a white frittel. Maybe he had spread his hands, because of which the bouquet of flowers kept there fell. I can never forget this scene.

After this, Lingge wrapped Hitler’s body in a blanket and brought it to the garden of the chancery garden above the emergency door. Borman raised the body of Eva Browne in his own hands. Hitler’s biographer Ian Karson writes, “All of the scene of Hitler’s last days were watching with the door of the bunker. As soon as their bodies were set on fire, everyone raised their hands and called ‘hel Hitler’ and back in the bunker At that time the wind was blowing. ”

“When the flames were reduced, more petrol was put on them, the flames continued to rise for two and a half hours, at 11 o’clock in the night, Guense sent SS soldiers to bury those burnt bodies, after a few days, when Soviet investigators seized the remains of Hitler and his wife After all, everything was over, there was a dentist bridge. From 1938 onwards, a man working for Hitler’s dentist confirmed that he was the owner of Dental Bridge Hitler Reddy was. ”




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