Who was Albert Einstein: A Biography of Albert Einstein!

“Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in a Jewish family in Wootemember, Germany. His father’s name was Herman Einstein, who was an engineer and salesman; his mother was Polyn Einstein”.

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Short Biography of Albert Einstein!

Who was Albert Einstein A Biography of Albert Einstein!

Country                                        German Empire
Full Name of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein
Nick Name of Albert Einstein  dopey
Born of Albert Einstein 14 March 1879
Death of Albert Einstein 18 April 1955
Born Place of Albert Einstein Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire
Death Place of Albert Einstein Princeton, New Jersey, US
Father of Albert Einstein Hermann Einstein
Mother of Albert Einstein Pauline Einstein
Brothers of Albert Einstein No
Sisters of Albert Einstein 1(Maja Einstein)
Married                                          Yes
Wife of Albert Einstein 2, Elsa Einstein(m. 1919–1936), Mileva Marić(m. 1903–1919)
Son of Albert Einstein 2 (Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein)
Daughter of Albert Einstein 1(Lieserl Einstein)


Biography in details of Albert Einstein:



A man who had a lot of trouble writing in his childhood, even his memory was very weak, he often forgot to name and dates. Despite all these, he became known as a great scientist.

Friends Albert Einstein is a name in this world that proved  whether we are slow-minded or do not feel like writing to us, but if we continue to practice hard and hard work, then one day the hard work We will also find it easier. Nobody can stop us from succeeding with the principle of continuous practice.

Personal Life of Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in a Jewish family in Wootemember, Germany. His father’s name was Herman Einstein, who was an engineer and salesman; his mother was Polyn Einstein. In 1880, the Einstein family moved to Munich, where his father and uncle together formed a company called Electrotechnische Fabric J. Einstein, which made electric appliances. Albert Einstein started his education from Catholic elementary school. In childhood, he used to read difficulties in writing to read them. For this reason, he did not feel like writing them. Despite this, he decided to read and change his weakness in his strength. Because of their slow down in childhood, they were considered ineligible.

He educated high school and senior secondary school with Luitpold gymnasium, whose name is A. Albert Einstein Gymnasium. In 1894, Albert Einstein’s family moved to Italy, and Albert Einstein took his further education in Munich. Despite being stoic in childhood, Albert Einstein made good gestures in mathematics and physics with his constant practice. In 1895, Entrance examination of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Zurich, they failed into all subjects Except Maths and Physics, Because of which his admission could not be found. But in 1896 he again took the entrance examination of Swiss Federal Polytechnic and from there he completed 4 years of diploma in Mathematics and Physics. After the diploma in 1900, he gave the theory of relativity E = mc2 in 1905.

In 1912 Einstein was appointed as a professor of polytechnic of uric. Albert Einstein was recognized as a world-class scientist in 1919 when the Royal Society of London recognized the theories made by him. For his valuable contributions to Albert Einstein, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. When the era of Hitler rule came in the year 1940, due to Einstein’s Jewish he had to leave Germany and live in New Jersey America. Albert Einstein continued his teaching at Priestan College in the United States and on April 18, 1955, this great scientist died.

Albert Einstein’s general relativity theory:

The ‘Relativity Theory’, which is predicted by Albert Einstein, is seen as a beautiful and refined principle in the world of scientific thinking. Now this theory has become the basis pillar of physics. The modern physics of this theory is helpless in the same way, as the molecules-atoms of the concepts. Working as a clerk at the patent office, its seen a wondered he worked on the broad theory of theoretical physics. Since 1901, Einstein published his work each year in the German magazine ‘Yearbook Book of Physics’ (Annalen Der Physic). The interesting fact is that Einstein did not have much knowledge of contemporary science literature at that time.

In 1905 when Einstein was only 26 years old, he published four research papers, which laid the foundations of quantum mechanics and relativity theory. These were the same research papers that shook the theoretical physics. One of those papers was very long. The name of that research paper was ‘On the Electrodynamics of moving bodies’. This is the research paper, which changed the scientific concept of human beings. In fact this is the description of the special theory of relativity.

This theory of Einstein brought revolutionary change in traditional perceptions related to our times. In this, the dynamic observers / objects have been discussed in a straight line at the same speed. The special relativity theory is based on the following two postulates:

  1. Our daily experience shows us that the speed of things in a straight and uniform velocity car does not differ at the speed of things in a steady vehicle. Therefore, the motion of the object in all the laboratories running relative and uniform motion relative to each other follows the same rules of physics. It is also called the relativity of motion.
  2. Under this hypothesis, Einstein believed that the speed of light is always constant and that the speed of the source or the observer has no effect on it.

Many far-reaching findings of special relativity theory came out, which deeply influenced human thought. The major conclusions and effects of this theory are: time dilation, length-contraction, change of mass along with velocity etc. Since Einstein presented the extensive theoretical frameworks of physics in the year 1905, this year it is known in physics as the ‘miraculous year’.

Discovered: Einstein’s Sharp Mind Reason:

Why the great scientist Albert Einstein’s brain was so fast, now a new theory has emerged. Scientists claim that Einstein had more folds than other brains on his mind. Perhaps this was also the reason for his intelligence. After the death of Nobel laureate Einstein in 1955, his brain was divided into 240 blocks and scientists were given a research. Most of these samples have been lost and very little information is found on its anatomy. According to the Telegraph report, the new research was done on the basis of Einstein’s brains present in the personal collection of Thomas Pathologist, Thomas Harvey.

During the research, Einstein’s brain was compared to 85 other brains. Know that Einstein’s brain is 1230 grams of weight, but he has a lot of frames. During research, 240 sections of the brain were reconnected and the map was created. Anthropologist Dean Falk of Florida State University said – The results also confirm the preceding reports in which the abnormal nature of the brain was linked to Einstein intelligence.

Albert Einstein 10 Things That Can helps you for Success:

  1. Learn from tomorrow and live for today. If you want to succeed then never leave the habit of asking questions in life.
  2. We cannot solve our problems with the ideas from which they originate.
  3. The identity of being fast does not have to be more knowledgeable, but it means the power to dream and dream.
  4. The biggest source of success is the experience.
  5. Who knows its limitations, there goes beyond that.
  6. The logic will take you from A to B while you can go anywhere with the help of imagination.
  7. There are two ways of living, first of all that there is nothing miracle and secondly that everything is a miracle.
  8. When you look at nature carefully, you can understand anything better.
  9. It is foolish to repeat one thing and to hope for a different result every time.
  10. First of all you should know the rules of the game, and then only you can play better than others.

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