How and why people suffer from body dysmorphic disorder?

Perfect body is a dream, but body dysmorphic disorder is a reality

It is true that looking good in the body is a big issue, we all are very worried and unhappy about the appearance of our body and there may be any reason for it. Our weight, our long nose, rough teeth or any scar or spots on the face.

Such mental disorders can lead to a lack of self-confidence in the individual on his form. At the same time, the person feels himself as ugly and hides himself. But what if this feeling of unhappiness takes the form of a disorder? What if trying to improve your look makes you lonely? What will you do when pity yourself becomes a part of your habit?

How and why people suffer from body dysmorphic disorder?

Many mental chemical changes occurring in a person’s brain are attributed to mental deformity. There are many mental disorders that are felt only by those who have these disorders. One of these is body dysmorphic disorder, this disorder seems minor in appearance, but it is a very fatal and serious mental disorder. In this, the person feels inferior to the other people in terms of beauty.Body Dysmorphic Disorder

In this, the person considers himself physically ugly. When this type of problem occurs, the person is hesitant to get out of the house, staying locked in a room, not meeting any outsiders or members of the house, starts to think himself very ugly. Let us know in detail about such serious mental disorder.

Causes of body dysmorphic disorder:

Like many other mental disorders, it is little difficult to find the cause of such mental disorder. But in many research it has been assumed that this is due to the chemical changes occurring in that part of the brain, which informs the whole body of doing any action. At the same time, the cause of this disorder is believed to be excessive depression and anxiety. Apart from this, these reasons are attributed to this.

  • Very bad experience in childhood.
  • Very low self-esteem.

Symptoms or signs of body dysmorphic disorder:Body Dymorphic Disorder3

  • Too much analysis of what you look like
  • Catch hold of a deficiency
  • Behold the mirror and Give up the mirror
  • Justify yourself to others and convincing others
  • Undergoing corrective cosmetic surgery
  • Avoiding social gathering
  • Shame on your body and hurt yourself
  • Upset by shame, hatred, nervousness
  • Anyone can have body dysmorphic disorder

Do you think the model you see is immaculate? Heroines and models do not have dark circles, stretch marks and wrinkles?

To maintain the illusion of this beauty, the help of Photoshop, makeup, lighting and technology is taken, which makes us deceive ourselves.

Testing yourself with these unrealistic scales will surely bring sorrow and disappointment. Our perception of beauty is flawed. Our perceptions are wrong. Our disdain for imperfection is created.

Bollywood star fashion icon Sonam Kapoor also spoke about it in her blog post titled “I Didn’t Wake Up Like It” for Bajfeed India last year.

The way you see a female celebrity, it takes a lot of professional people, a lot of money, and a lot of time. It’s not realistic, and there’s nothing you can aspire to.

 Examination of body dysmorphic disorder:

It is very difficult to check for such mental disorder in itself. Because the person struggling with this problem is not able to give correct information about himself, but is very much hesitant. This is physically examined by experts. A person’s gestures are measured, so that it can be confirmed whether he is suffering from such problems or not.

Treatment of body dysmorphic disorder:

This type of mental disorder is also treated in the same way as that of other types of mental disorders. They include counseling by a psychiatrist, through medications, group or family therapy. During counseling, problems are fixed through talking with the victim. In this, all the things about his life are known from the person, then the person is treated on the basis of those things.


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