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Health has been called the biggest wealth. It is well said that “If money get out of hand, it can be recovered, but once the health deteriorates, it is very difficult to bring it back to the old state”. That is the reason why sensible people protect their health consciously.Health

Good health is the basis of all the pleasures of life. Money can buy goods, but their consumption depends on good health. Like, If a rich person is unwell then there is no value of his wealth but in the same way If the poor are healthy, then there is nothing to worry about because they have health-related wealth. He can consume whatever he has appropriately. There is a kind of beauty in good health also there is an enthusiasm and excitement in the mind of one who is in good health. He does his work painlessly.

He is not afraid of hardships all the time. His food is consumed in the body and he does not suffer from weakness and fatigue. On the other hand, a person with deteriorating health remains sad all the time. Therefore, it is the duty of every person to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to keep his body healthy and mind happy.

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There are many people who wish for good health, but there are only few who try to become aware of it. Health cannot be maintained by just imagining. For this, continuous effort has to be made. Good balanced diet, regular routine and regular exercise are the three basic elements to maintain health. There should be coordination of fruits, grains, vegetables and milk in food. Taking some amount of fruits, green fresh vegetables, sprouted grains and milk every day keeps the health of the person good.Heath Tips

Also, stale, market, more fried, roasted and high-content food is adverse to human health. Nowadays children and youth are getting attracted towards fast food. This attraction invites many types of diseases and obesity.

Regular routine is very important in maintaining health. It keeps the person away from stress. Since the body functions like a machine, it seeks regularity. It wants nothing to be overdone with it. Therefore, every person should make and follow a regular routine. In this routine, activities that keep the body and mind relaxed should be given a proper place.

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Regular exercise is also important to keep the body healthy. Exercise strengthens all the organs of the body and provides strength to fight against diseases. This makes the person nimble and stressless. Indian health science ‘Ayurveda’ discusses yogasanas and other remedies to keep the body healthy. Ayurveda describes the kind of lifestyle that human should adopt to the seasons and seasons.

Timely treatment for good health is also not significant. If the person has fallen ill, he should immediately seek the help of a qualified doctor. Understanding and neglecting any disease can prove dangerous. By following the advice of a qualified doctor, a person can make quick recovery.

To maintain the wealth of health, sanitation system maintained at various levels is of considerable importance. Cleaning of the body, house, clothes and neighborhood should be done with complete rules. The germs stay away from the body when the cleaning system is correct.

A person adopting the above measures can always remain healthy. Because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, we should take all necessary measures to stay healthy.

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