Biography of Prithvi Shaw: Why Prithvi Shaw Compared with Sachin Tendulakr?

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A Short Biography of Prithvi Shaw:

Biography of Prithvi Shaw: Why Prithvi Shaw Compared with Sachin Tendulakr?

Country                                         India , Hindu
Full Name of Prithvi Shaw        Prithvi pankaj shaw
Birth Name of Prithvi Shaw Prithvi Gupta
Nick Name of Prithvi Shaw       Prithvi Shaw, Prithvi Missile
DOB of Prithvi Shaw                   9th, november, 1999
Born Place of Prithvi Shaw      Thane, Maharashtra
Father of Prithvi Shaw             Pankaj shaw
Married                                           No
Age Of Prithvi Shaw 19 years ( At this time)
Occupation  Cricketer
Caste of Prithvi shaw Vaishya
HomeTown Of Prithvi Shaw       Manpur, Gaya, Bihar india

Cricket Career Statics:


Test:- Total Matchs (2) Total Run Scored (237) century’s (1) Half century (1) Batting Average (118.50) Double century (0) catches (2) Stumping (0) Top Score (134) Wicket (0)


T20:- Total Matchs (31) Total Run Scored (671) century’s (0) Half century (4) Batting Average (21.64) Double century (0) catches (7) Stumping (0) Top Score (99) Wicket (0)

IPL:- Total Matchs (23) Total Run Scored (537) century’s (0) Half century (3) Batting Average (23.35) Double century (0) Top Score (99)

FC:-  Total Matchs (17) Total Run Scored (1767) century’s (8) Half century (8) Batting Average (60.93) Double century (0) Top Score (188)

ICC Ranking:- Test (69) ODI (NA) T20I (NA)

Full Biography of Prithvi Shaw:

Prithvi Shaw made Century in his first Test match in Rajkot against West Indies. This was the first test match of Prithvi Shaw. This is the reason why people like this player.

Cricket is such a game in which millions of people try their luck and they try to play for their country. But not everyone succeeds in it, but some people succeed in identifying themselves in the cricket of world. If we talk about India, in order to make our place in the cricket team of India, millions of boys trying themselves with their full dedication and some succeed in it. Today we are going to tell you about a new emerging cricketer of India, who at the age of 14 achieved many records in the cricket world. The name of the great player we are talking about is Prithvi Shaw who is a resident of Maharashtra State. Now there will be a lot of questions coming to your mind about Prithvi shaw such as Who is Prithvi shaw?  And how they achieved a big name in the world of cricket? But if you want to know the details description about Prithvi Shaw then you will have to read our full article, which is written below.

Background and Family of Prthvi shaw:

Prithvi shaw was born in a simple family in the year of 1999. Prithvi Shaw’s father’s name is Pankaj Shaw and they have a big contribution to reach Prithvi Shaw at this point. Even the father of Prithvi Shaw left his business for the Prithvi Shaw cricket career. When the Prithvi shaw was only 4 years old, his mother had died, and since then Pankaj Shaw care the Prithvi shaw.

Who is Prithvi Shaw?

When Shaw Started plying cricket:

Prithvi Shaw started playing cricket only at the age of three. At such a young age, Prithvi shaw’s had become friends with the ball and the bat, which has benefited them today. Now Shaw is improving his game day by day and emerging as a great player of India.

Education of prithvi shaw:

Prithvi Shaw’s goal is to make a good cricketer but in spite of that, he did not compromise on his education. Prithvi Shaw is completing his commerce education with Rizvi College of Arts & Science. Prithvi Shaw started its initial education at Mumbai’s AVS Vidyamandir and Rizvi Springfield.

The Records made by Prithvi shaw:

Prithvi Shaw’s age is very small but still he has done a lot of records in his name. We are going to tell you some of the records made by Prithvi Shaw in our article:

prithvi shaw Career

Prithvi Shaw made a Record in dileep Trophy:

In the Dilip trophy, Prithvi Shaw has made his name in the youngest player of Cricket who have made century. This time, Shaw was just 17 years old and this was his debut match. In the match held in 2017, Prithvi Shaw batted on behalf of India Red, making 154 runs and makes this record in his name. This record was only Sachin Tendulkar’s name before Prithvi Shaw.

A big Score of 556 Runs:

Prithvi Shaw showed a new feat when he scored 556 runs off 330 balls, he made this record during the Harris Shield match. This match was played by Rijavi Springfield in 2013. This match was very helpful for his cricket career. After which he was highly praised and the people of the world also praised Shaw. After this, in the year of 2016, the player named Pranav Dhanwad broke Prithvi Shaw record and named it his name.

Sachin Tendulkar and Prithvi Shaw:

Prithvi Shaw is a very good cricketer and because of his playing style, he is compared to india’s great player Sachin Tendulkar (The God of Cricket). People say so far that Prithvi Shaw will soon become a great player like Sachin Tendulakr. Prithvi Shaw is a right-handed batsman who also bowls off-spin bowling with right hand.

The Coach of Prithvi Shaw:

If we talk about Prithvi Shaw’s coach, then India’s great batsman Rahul Dravid is his coach. Rahul Dravid is helping Prithvi Shaw to become a good cricketer. Even when the Prithvi Shaw was playing Under-19 Asia World Cup, Rahul Dravid was also playing the role of his coach. Rahul Dravid is working hard to make Prithvi Shaw a great cricketer.

Prithvi Shaw Coach

Important facts related prithvi Shaw:

Captain of Under-19 Team:

Prithvi Shaw is the captain of the India Under-19 team. And under his captaincy India won all three matches. In the first match, Prithvi Shaw scored 94 runs against Australia but they could not make their 100 runs. In the match on January 16, Prithvi Shaw played an innings of 57 not out. That is why India could win by 10 wickets against Papua New Guinea.

Prithvi Shaw debut:

Prithvi Shaw is the sixth player of India to make a century in Ranji Trophy and Dilip Trophy. This record is recorded in the name of only five Indian players before Prithvi Shaw.

Prithvi Shaw practice:

Prithvi Shaw father has a big contribution to make Prithvi Shaw a great player, when Prithvi Shaw came for the practice of cricket; he spend one and half-hour journey with his father on the train. Prithvi Shaw had to come from Virar to Bandra for the practice of cricket. Due to this hard work Prithvi Shaw emerged as a great player of india.

Prithvi Shaw played with Arjun Tendulkar:

Prithvi Shaw played with Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar in the middle income group cricket (MIG) club. Both of these were members of the same team.

The Awards Received by Prithvi shaw:

Seeing the performance of Prithvi Shaw, everyone praised him; even Sachin Tendulkar also praised Shaw and hoped that Prithvi Shaw would illuminate his name in Indian cricket. This praise by Sachin is not less than an award for Prithvi Shaw. Not only this, in 2013, Sachin also honored with award to Prithvi Shaw.

Prithvi shaw in IPL Auction:

Prithvi Shaw is going to be seen in the IPL 2018 in India. Because in 2018 India’s under-19 cricket team has decided to auction seven players, and among these seven players, the name of Prithvi Shaw is also known. Hope this year Prithvi Shaw can be seen playing in the IPL. These seven players have been given Rs 20 lakhs.

Update: Prithvi Shaw was purchased in the IPL 2018 for the Delhi Capitals in 1.2 crores. And in 2019, he is playing IPL with the same team.

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