Ajit Doval: History and Biography of Ajit Doval!

Ajit Doval was born in the Garhwali Brahmin family Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. His father was an Army Man, hence his early education took place in Ajmer Military School. In 1967,
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Short Biography of Ajit Doval!

Ajit Doval History and Biography of Ajit Doval!

Country                                        India
Full Name of Ajit Doval Ajit Kumar Doval
Nick Name of Ajit Doval Ajit Doval
Born of Ajit Doval 20 January 1945
Born Place of Ajit Doval Ghiri Banelsyun, Pauri Garhwal,
Father of Ajit Doval Gunanand doval
Mother of Ajit Doval
Brothers of Ajit Doval
Sisters of Ajit Doval
Married                                          Yes
Wife of Ajit Doval Anu Doval
Son of Ajit Doval Vivek Doval, Shaurya Doval
Daughter of Ajit Doval

Biography id Details of Ajit Doval:


The security of the country is not just by deploying soldiers on the border, but it is necessary for some dedicated patriots who living anonymity for the country, remain in the midst of the enemy and provide information to the army. Which can be eliminated the enemies from our country. Among these patriots, Ajit Doval has a big name, who spent 40 years of his life in anonymity for the defense of the country and so many times saved the country from terror attack.

And today, the country has enjoyed a successful surgical strike in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which has served as the country’s National Security Advisor. The enemy country knows the way to do their quick work, so only the name of Ajit Doval has caused a stir in the enemy team. How do Ajit Doval carry out his work, that he removes a strand of blood, reminds the enemy of the sixth milk?

Education and Earlier life of Ajit Doval:

Ajit Doval was born in the Garhwali Brahmin family Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. His father was an Army Man, hence his early education took place in Ajmer Military School. In 1967, he passed Master’s degree from Agra University in Economics with first position.

After that he preparing for IPS, which he compiled from Kerala cadre in 1968 and became a police officer. After four years, he joined the Intelligence Bureau in 1972. From here the new form of his life started in the form of a detective.

Operation of Ajit Doval:

Mizoram Peace:

He, who played Bakhuvi, managed to successfully deploy 6 of 7 commanders of Mizo National Front, who spread militancy in Mizoram in 1980, which broke the waist of Mizo National Front. After this peace was established in Mizoram.

Terrorist attack on Golden temple:

In the same way, while working under the counter operation Blue Star, being run by the Indian Army, they went inside the temple in the entrance of a rickshaw puller and, according to the duty of taking revenge for the terrorist attack on Amritsar’s Golden Temple, in 1984. All information of the Khalistanis was given to the army. Thereby, the Indian Army did not have any problem in killing the Khalistanis and the operation was successful.

Kandahar plan hijack:

When the Indian airplane was hijacked by Pakistani terrorists in Kandahar in 1999, Ajit Doval was given the responsibility to save all the passengers aboard that ship. Through which they succeeded in accomplishing their excellent skills and bravery. And they managed to save nine times from being a plane hijack.

Working Method: 

This is typical of Ajit Doval’s work is that he enters the enemy’s house and collects information by staying with them, sometimes they fight and fight with each other and then the Indian Army takes action on their information. That is why they are called Jaime Bond of India or Real Life.

Made owls to Pakistan:

Whose evidence is found in his incident when he spent seven years in Pakistan working for the Indian intelligence agency RAW in the get-up of a Muslim. During this, no one has ever doubted him.

Punjab and Jammu Kashmir peace:

He also gave his spying services for the peace of Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, during which he spent 33 years in totality of oblivion. It is said, they wore police uniforms for only 7 years during their services. This point is here to show how they spent long moments of oblivion while spying on the dedication of the country.

Retirement from IB:

He received the reward of his work from time to time as a promotion, and in the end, he became the director of IB ever working for IB and retired in 2005, doing dignified work on the post.

But this retirement was from an honor, but 70-year-old Ajit Doval still did not take retirement for the country’s defense.

National Security Advisor:

On May 30, 2014, Doval was appointed as the fifth National Security Adviser of India.

In June 2014, Doval played an important role in ensuring the safe return of 46 Indian nurses who were stuck in a hospital in Iraq’s Tikrit.

However, the correct position of his release is unclear, on July 5, 2014, ISIS terrorists handed the nurses to the authorities in Erbil city and the Indian government was brought back home in Kochi with two specially arranged planes.

Surgical Strike in Myanmar:

They showed their activism in 2015 and killed the militants in Myanmar after entering the border, which they were led by themselves.

Surgical Strike in Pakistan:

And on the night of September 29, 2016, he has been adorned with the position of National Security Advisor in a successful Surgical Strike operation in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Doval is widely credited with the Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar and Indian Ambassador to China, Vijay Keshav Gokhale to solve the doklam deadlock through diplomatic channels and negotiation.


  • Doval was the youngest police officer to get the police medal for meritorious service. He was given the prize after six years in the police (the ideal is at least 17 years of service).
  • Later he was awarded the President’s Police Medal.
  • In 1988, Doval was awarded the Kirti Chakra, one of the highest gallantry awards, which became the first police officer to receive the first medal in the form of a military honor. 

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