History of Chris Gayle: Biography of Chris Gayle!

“Gayle was born on 21 September 1979 in Kingstone Jamaica. Friends, if we look at any happiest and smile person, we do not care about the journey to reach that level. One such a person is Chris Gayle who always smiles”.

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Short Biography of Chris Gayle’s!

History of Chris Gayle Biography of Chris Gayle!

Country                                         Jamaica
Full Name of Chris Gayle’s        Christopher Henry Gayle
Nick Name of Chris Gayle’s       Henry, Gayle-Force, Gayle Storm, Universe Boss
Born of Chris Gayle’s                   21 September 1979 (age 39)
Born Place of Chris Gayle’s      Kingston, Jamaica
Father of Chris Gayle’s             Dudley Gayle
Mother of Chris Gayle’s            Hazel
Married                                           Yes
Wife of Chris Gayle’s                Natasha Berridge
Son of Chris Gayle’s                Dudley Gayle
Daughter of Chris Gayle’s                Kris-Allyna
Brothers of Chris Gayle’s       Vanclive Parris
Sisters of Chris Gayle’s       yes

Full Biography of Chris Gayle’s:


Who does not know Chris Gayle who is involved in the world of cricket? Gayle is also known as sixer machine. When Gayle is on the crease, the opposite team have to sweat when Gayle comes down for batting on the field, then the sound of all the field applause arises. Today we have brought some different and interesting information about this legendary player for you.

Gayle was born on 21 September 1979 in Kingstone Jamaica. Friends, if we look at any happiest and smile person, we do not care about the journey to reach that level. One such a person is Chris Gayle who always smiles.


But very few of you know that Chris Gayle has struggled in his life, Chris Gayle’s family lived in a bare hut. Chris Gayle has not been able to complete his studies because of poor poverty at home.

Chris Gayle told a channel in an interview that sometimes he had to steal when he had nothing to eat. But at that time Chris Gayle did not know that one day he will be one of the richest person in the world.

Chris Gayle’s cricket career started with Lucca Cricket Club. At that time Chris Gayle played for the first time in under 19, In the future he played his first ODI against India in 1999 and played his First T20 against new zealand  in 2006.

Initially Chris Gayle’s bat did not work good, which led him to hear a lot, but on the strength of his hard work and perseverance, he made a record of making 1000 runs in a single year in 2002.

Chris Gayle’s and Controversy :

Despite being seen as a calm, patient cricketer, Gayle is involved in some controversies. In 2005, Gayle was involved in controversy over sponsorship issues between the West Indies Cricket Board and several players. Cable & Wireless, who sponsored West Indies cricket; Along with him, these players had a personal sponsorship deal. However, since West Indies was recently sponsored by cable and wireless competitor Digiels. Therefore, the West Indies Cricket Board demanded that the players leave their cable and wireless deal. When the players refused to leave it, then the West Indies Cricket Board put them out of the first Test against South Africa. Gayle later ended his deal with cable and wireless and again joined the team for the second Test match. During a Test match against New Zealand in 2006, he was accused of behaving in a manner contrary to the spirit of cricket, but later found that he was not guilty. Later that year, during the October Champions Trophy in India, due to repeated oral conversations with Australian batsman Michael Clarke, he had to pay a fine of 30 per cent of his match fees. During the tour of England in 2007, he publicly criticized the West Indies Cricket Board, due to which he was given an official reprimand and warning.

Gayle was criticized during the West Indies tour of England in early 2009, where he said that due to some pressure, he no longer wants to be the captain of West Indies cricket team, and  in future if T20 takes place in Test cricket, he “will not be so sad”

Interesting facts about Chris Gayle’s:

  • Chris Gayle was born on 21 September 1979 in Kingston Jamaica.
  • Gale’s full name is Christopher Henry Gayle.
  • Gayle started his first ODI match against India.
  • Apart from that, he started his Test career against Zimbabwe in 2000.
  • Gayle made just 1 run in his first One Day match.
  • In Test matches, Gyale is only batsman who hit six on the first ball. This six was that he played against Bangladesh.
  • Gayle loves to dance and go to parties. Gayle has made the fastest century in IPL , he scored a century on 30 balls playing against Bangalore.
  • Gayle considered that 333 is to be very lucky for him, that’s why he wears Jersey numbers 333.
  • Apart from this, the biggest score in Gayle’s Test matches is 333.
  • The West Indies Cricket Board and Gayle have always some conflics.
  • Gayle has more than 150 wickets in one-day matches.
  • Gayle’s father was a police officer.
  • 6 feet 4-inch taller Gayle, his friends call him with the  name of Gayle Storm.


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