World’s Continents and their Countries?

“Although there are about 240 countries in the whole world, but according to the recognition provided by the United States, there are currently 196 countries. And 193 countries are members of the United Nations. It has not been included in Taiwan, Palestine and Vatican City”.

If you are searching the information about the world’s continents and the world’s countries then please read our full article. In this article we will provide you all information related these questions like, what are the continents? How many continents in the worlds? And how many countries are in the world? And which countries exist in which continents? Which are the biggest continents in the world and the biggest country in the world?

What is Continent?

This is the structure of the continent Earth, which arises from the sea level to a certain height, and is the orderly broad terrain. It looks different from the ocean on Earth. The Continental Magnets and Magnadals, which are about 600 feet in the sea, are also kept under the continents. The very large terrain of the land whose boundaries are clearly recognizable is called the continent.

World Map

Countries of the world:

In the days of school you may have seen a map of the entire world in your book and read things related to other countries, too many countries will be found in the globe, but do you know how many countries and continents is.

Let us tell you the countries of the world:

Although there are about 240 countries in the whole world, but according to the recognition provided by the United States, there are currently 196 countries. And 193 countries are members of the United Nations. It has not been included in Taiwan, Palestine and Vatican City.

Now let us tell you which country and the continents of the world belong to which continent.

There are seven continents in the world. Which are the following?

  1. Asia (Asia)
  2. Africa (Africa)
  3. North America
  4. South America
  5. Antarctica
  6. Europe (Europe)
  7. Australia (Australia)


Details Description:

  1. Asia

It is the world’s largest continent. This is one-third of the world. It is also on number one in the case of population. According to the area, China  is the largest country of the

Asia continent and the smallest country is Maldives.

This continent includes 50 countries like India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia and Philippines. Countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong are in the possession of China.

Asia continents

Important Facts related Asia Continent:

  • Asia accounts for approximately 29.5% of the world’s area.
  • It spreads about 1/3 of the total area of ​​the world.
  • Asia is the first place in the production of rice, jute, cotton, silk etc.
  • Largest Country – China
  • The smallest country – Maldives
  • Longest River – Yangtzeeanang
  • Highest mountain peak – Mount Everest (8850 m)
  • The Largest Lake – Caspian Sea
  1. Africa

It is the second largest continent of the world and it is known for producing gold and diamond. One-third of this is desert. The most special thing is that the birth and development of human beings on this continent was the first to be done. It is also the world’s hotest continent. There are 54 countries like Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritius, Libya, Somalia, Congo and Nigeria. Sudan is the largest country in the continent, while Seychelles is the smallest country.

Africa continents

Important Facts related Africa Continent:

  • The continent of Africa spread over approximately 20.2% of the total area of ​​the world.
  • This is the only continent through which the equator, circle and Capricorn passes through.
  • There is not a single river in the country of Libya.
  • One-third of Africa is desert.
  • Here only 10% of the land is agricultural.
  • Africa is at the forefront of diamond and gold production.
  • Largest Country – Algeria
  • Smallest country – Meoti
  • Longest River – Nile River
  • Highest mountain peak – Kilimanjaro (5895 m)
  • The Greatest Lake – Victoria
  • Kimberley, the world’s largest diamond mine, is located on this continent.
  • The world’s longest river originates from Lake Victoria.
  • The most water-bearing river – Zaire (Congo)
  • Congo River cuts the equator’s line in two places.
  • The former name of the Congo was Zaire. Belgian rule was on this.
  • The country of Nigeria is also known as the country of oil palm.
  1. North America

There are 23 free numbers of independent countries. Including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Cuba, etc. This continent is located on 16 percent of the entire world.

North America continents

Important Facts related North America Continent:

  • It is spread over 16.5% of the world’s population.
  • Half of the world’s total corn production is born here.
  • Largest Country – Canada
  • The smallest country – Saint-Pierre
  • The Longest River – Mississippi-Missouri
  • Highest mountain peak – Karnali [Old name – Mount McKinley] (6194 m)
  • The largest lake – Superior (the world’s largest freshwater lake)
  1. South America

This is the fourth largest continent. There are 15 countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. In which 12 are independent.. The largest country in the continent of this area is Brazil and the smallest country is Falkland. The vast majority of this continent is a thick forest.

South America continents

Important Facts related South America Continent:

  • Its area is approximately 11.80% of the world’s area.
  • A large part of it is wooded.
  • Largest Country – Brazil
  • Smallest country – Falkland Islands
  • The Longest River – Amazon
  • Highest mountain peak – Aconcagua (6906 m)
  1. Antarctica

On the 99 percent of this continent, snow remains on the year. It is also the driest place in the world, with the world being the coldest continent. There is no permanent population here. There is a nuclear power station located here.

Antarctica Continent

Important Facts related Antarctica Continent:

  • This is the only continent that is completely deserted and desolate.
  • It is completely located in the southern hemisphere and the southern pole is located in the middle of it.
  • Highest mountain peak – Vinson Massif
  1. Europe

You may have thought about going to Europe many times or seen beautiful places in the movies. Europe is a rich and beautiful continent. With adequate population as well as adequate resources here are also funny. Beautiful countries such as Norway, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and London are in this continent. Russia is the largest country in the continent and the smallest Vatican City.

Europe Continent

Important Facts related Europe Continent:

  • Europe has 6.5% of the world’s area.
  • Important minerals of Europe are iron ore, coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.
  • Largest Country – Russia
  • The smallest country – Vatican City
  • Longest river – Volga
  • Highest mountain peak – Elbrush (5,642 m)
  • Largest lake – Ladoga
  1. Australia

It is the smallest and beautiful continent of the world. There is plenty of trees and animals here but there is lack of water. The special point is that Australia is the only continent which is considered to be the country too.

Australia Continent

Important Facts related Australia Continent:

  • Capricorn circle passes through its middle.
  • It is the only country, which spreads over the entire continent.
  • Australia is called the land of thirsty land, because there is very little rain in its very large part.
  • There is a lack of water.
  • Largest Country – Australia
  • Smallest country – nauru
  • The Longest River – Murray-Darling
  • Highest mountain peak – Kosciuszko Mountain (2,228 m)
  • Larger Lake – Lake Eyre

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