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Gulzar: Short Description about Gulzar!Gulzar

Country                                        India
Full Name of Gulzar Sampoor Singh Kalra
Nick Name of Gulzar Gulzar
Born of Gulzar August 18, 1936
Death of Gulzar
Born Place of Gulzar Dinah, Jhelum district, Punjab, British India
Death Place of Gulzar
Father of Gulzar Makhan Singh Kalra
Mother of Gulzar Sujana Kaur
Brothers of Gulzar
Sisters of Gulzar
Married                                          Yes
Wife of Gulzar Rakhee
Son of Gulzar
Daughter of Gulzar Meghna Gulzar

Biography  of Gulzar:


Many times we try to bring the life of such people in front of you who have become successful in their work so that the world knows those people from their work. But have you ever thought of what they are doing today is because of their work that we know them. To reach this stage, they had to go through many aspects of life. They did not want to do something that was not made for them.

Today, we will talk about the author of this century who even after not completing his academic studies, is known as a writer who through his writings, roamed the world of films. He was born in 1936, Sampoor Singh Kalra that is “Gulzar”.

Sampoor Singh Kalra is an Indian songwriter, poet, screenplay writer, film director and playwright. Gulzar has also been honored with many famous awards for Hindi cinema. He has also been honored with “Padma Bhushan”, India’s highest honor in 2004. Apart from this, he has won the Best Song “Oscar Award” for his song “Jai Ho” which was written by Danny Boyle in 2009 film “Slumdog Millionaire”. He has also been honored with the “Grammy Award” for the same song.

Earlier Life:

Sampoorn Singh Kalra alias Gulzar was born on August 18, 1936 in Dinah, Jhelum district, Punjab, British India, which is now in Pakistan. Gulzar is the only child of his father’s second wife. His father’s name was “Makhan Singh Kalra” and mother’s name was “Sujana Kaur”. Gulzar mother died, when he was a child and extremely innocent. During the partition of the country, his family settled in Amritsar, Punjab. At the same time, Gulzar Sahib came to Mumbai.

At his early age, Gulzar used to work in a car garage where the work was to paint the Accidental cars. There were two reasons for doing this work, one was an employment, from where they get some money and another was he get the time to study. Several times, he hiddenly studied, although the garage owners encouraged him.

Gulzar was associated with books from very beginning and his passion was “to become an author” for which he was ready to do anything. In an interview he was asked why he wanted to become a writer, Gulzar Sahib replied he had to say a lot which he is still saying. It was a coincidence that in the film industry, he started working as an assistant to Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Hemant Kumar.

Gulzar’s career:

Gulzar’s talent in Hindi films became permanent. In 1968, by the blessings of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, he wrote both songs and dialogues. In these films, actor Ashok Kumar’s character appeared in such an impressive form that he received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for Filmfare Award and National Film Award. After this, in 1969, the songs written for” Khamoshi” film ‘हमने देखी है उन आंखों की महकती खुशबू……’ gave Gulzar a great identity. In 1971, he wrote two songs for the film “Aandhi”, one of which was ‘हमको मन की शक्ति देना..’.

In addition to Rahul Dev Burman in his film career. Gulzar has worked with musicians like Sachin Dev Burman Shankar-Jaikishan, Hemant Kumar, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Madan Mohan, Rajesh-Roshan, Salil Chaudhary and A.R. Rahman.

The first song of Gulzar in Bollywood:

Impressed by Gulzar’s poems, famous songwriter Shailendra and filmmaker Bimal Roy inspired him to work for their films. He worked for filmmakers like Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee and entered the Indian Film Industry. He started his career in the Indian film industry by composing the song “Mora Gaura Rang Le Le, Moh Shyam Rang Da De …” in the film “Bandini” for great musician Sachin Dev Burman in the year 1963 which was sung by “Lata Mangeshkar” The remaining songs of Bandini were written by Shailendra and requested Gulzar to write this song.

Gulzar and Television:        

In 1988, under the direction of Gulzar, there was a special composition of “Mirza Ghalib” TV serial. In year 1988, he presented a TV serial based on the life of Mirza Ghalib. In this serial, Naseeruddin Shah acted in awe-inspiring manner. In addition, he has written lyrics and dialogues for child serials such as “Jungle Book”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Hello Zindagi”, “Gunchi and Potli Baba”.

Sensible Director:

Apart from being a great lyricist he was also a Sensible director. Though it’s a different matter that his films could not show up at the box office. His first film as film director was “Mere Apne” (1971). This movie is a Bengali film of Tapan Sinha, “Apanjan” (1969). After this he also directed various films like “Kosis”, “achanak”, “Aandhi” and “Parichaye”.

In 1972, Sanjiv Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri starred in a very sensitive direction of Gulzar in the film “Kosis“, and performed a fine performance of a lover who was unable to hear and speak. After this, Gulzar and Sanjeev Kumar’s chemistry were so successful that their duo proved to be completely successful in films such as “Aandhi”, “Mosam”, “Angur” and “Namkin”. Gulzar has also directed a documentary made on Amjad Ali Khan and Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.

Films as a Director:

  • Mere Aapne (1971)
  • Parichaye (1972)
  • Kosis (1972)
  • Achanak (1973)
  • Khusbu (1974)
  • Aandhi (1975)
  • Mosam (1974)
  • Kinara (1977)
  • Keetab (1978)
  • Namkin (1981)

Marriage Life:

Gulzar is married to a divorced actress Rakhi Gulzar. However, the pair separated after the birth of their daughter. But Gulzar Sahib and Rakhi never divorced from each other. They have a daughter-Meghna Gulzar, who is a film director.


  • In mid-70’s, during the Emergency, his film “Aandhi” became controversial, as the character of the heroine in the film was similar to that of the ruling Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, due to which the film was in controversy.
  • In year 2010, during a ceremony, Gulzar flare up on Chetan Bhagat. As soon as Chetan Bhagat said, “I liked the “Kajrare” song written by Gulzar Sahib. It was really a good poem “The idea of ​​Gulzar, Chetan Bhagat did not come and he picked up the microphone and said,” Chetan, I am happy that a famous writer like you liked this song. But I do not think that you have actually understood the poem that you are talking about. I will tell the two lines of that song and you explain me its meaning “Gulzar said Chetan Bhagat तेरी बातों मं कीमाम की खुशबु हो/ तेरा आना भी गर्मियों की लू है।. After saying this, he put a sharp vision on Chetan Bhagat and said, “Please do not give statements about things you don’t know. Just comment on what you have knowledge. “When Gulzar was saying all this, Chetan Bhagat got frightened at seeing them.

Awards and honors:   

Gulzar has left a deep impression of his writing and direction in many fields, due to which he has been conferred with several best honors and awards including the “Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award”.

  • Sahitya Akademi Award (2002)
  • Padambhushan (2004)
  • Oscar (2009)
  • Grammy Award (2010)
  • Dadasaheb phalke award (2013)


  • Chorash Raat story (1962)
  • Ek Bundh Chand poem (1972)
  • Raat Chand or Mai (2002)

Some Gulzar’s Shayari:

कभी तो चौंक के देखे कोई हमारी तरफ़
किसी की आँख में हम को भी इंतिज़ार दिखे

आँखों के पोछने से लगा आग का पता
यूँ चेहरा फेर लेने से छुपता नहीं धुआँ

ख़ुशबू जैसे लोग मिले अफ़्साने में
एक पुराना ख़त खोला अनजाने में

चूल्हे नहीं जलाए कि बस्ती ही जल गई
कुछ रोज़ हो गए हैं अब उठता नहीं धुआँ

जिस की आँखों में कटी थीं सदियाँ
उस ने सदियों की जुदाई दी है


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