Ivanka Trump : A Biography of Ivanka Trump!

Ivanka Trump born 30 October 1981) is an American television personality, fashion designer, writer and businessman, who is the US President, Donald Trump’s advisor. She is the daughter of the president and his first wife, former model Ivanka Trump.
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Short Biography of Ivanka Trump !

Ivanka Trump A Biography of Ivanka Trump!

Country                                        United States
Full Name of Ivanka Trump Ivana Marie Trump
Nick Name of Ivanka Trump Ivanka Tramp,Proxy Wife,Ivanka the Terrible (a pun on “Ivan the Terrible”) and The First Lady-Daughter
Born of Ivanka Trump 30 October 1981
Born Place of Ivanka Trump Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
Father of Ivanka Trump Donald John Trump
Mother of Ivanka Trump Ivana Marie Trump
Brothers of Ivanka Trump Eric Frederick Trump, Donald Jr., a half-brother, Baron.
Sisters of Ivanka Trump One half sister, Tiffany.
Married                                          Yes
Husband of Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner(m. 2009)
Son of Ivanka Trump 2(Theodore James Kushner, Joseph Frederick Kushner)
Daughter of Ivanka Trump Arabella Rose Kushner

DFull Biography of Ivanka Trump :


Ivanka Trump is also the daughter of American President Donald Trump along with a real estate developer, star of reality shows and founder of fashion brands Ivanka Trump Collection. Let’s know, some touch-specific aspects related to their life.

Ivanka Trump born 30 October 1981) is an American television personality, fashion designer, writer and businessman, who is the US President, Donald Trump’s advisor. She is the daughter of the president and his first wife, former model Ivanka Trump.


Early Life and Education of Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump was born October 30, 1981 in New York, United States. Her full name is Ivanka Mary Trump. His father is Donald Trump and his mother is Ivana Trump. His father is a businessman and currently President of USA. When Ivanka was only 10 years old, her parents divorced. He has two brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric; One half sister, Tiffany; And a half-brother, Baron.

Trump attended Chapin School in Manhattan, until he turned 15, when he moved to Chet Rosemary Hall in Wingford, Connecticut, Where he “Boarding School Life” as “gel-like” while friends in their “New York is having fun.”

After graduation, he attended Georgetown University for two years, then moved to Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he co-admired with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2004. Trump is bilingual, primary knowledge of English and French and its mother’s native language checks.

Seeing the Ivanka, she can beat the good models too. It is said that 34-year-old Ivanka partners in every decision of her father. And he also handled Donald Trump’s election campaign. Iowa, living a family life, is no longer away from the political platform. But after the announcement of the father’s election to contest the presidential elections he had taken over the field of politics openly.


Prior to joining the family business in 2005, Trump worked briefly for Forrest City Enterprises. In 2007, he sold his first flagship retail store in Manhattan with a diamond dealer with diamond diamond corporation to make a line of diamond and gold ornaments, Ivanka trump fin ornaments. In November 2011, Trump’s retail flagship moved from 109 Mercer Street, a large place in the Soho district, spread over Madison Avenue.

On October 2, 2015, the retail website racked.com reported that “Ivanka Trump’s flagship store is being shut down on Mercer Street” and, seeing that the store “was snatched”, it said that it is not quite clear When the shop was closed business. However, by October 2016, the company’s website lists Trump Tower as its flagship boutique and its only dedicated retail outlet, as well as the brand available in fine jewelry stores in the US and Canada, Along with Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Official Alumni Association of the Wharton School of the University of Leweniya for the Wharton Club of New York, New York metropolitan area, gave Trump the 2012 Joseph Wharton Award for Young Leadership, one of his four annual awards for Wharton alumni .

Trump was executive vice president of development and acquisition in Trump organization. In December 2012, Ivanka Trump, a member of 100 women in Hage Fund, was elected on her board. Trump has its own fashion line, which includes clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories, which are available in major US department stores. Her brand has been criticized, the design is being copied by other designers, and by PETA and other animal rights activists to use fur with rabbits In 2016, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission remembered “Ivankan Trump” – short scarves because they did not meet the federal burner criteria standards. In a 2016 analysis, most of the fashion lines were found in the U.S. Was born outside of According to February 2017, department store chain Niemann Marcus and Nordstrom referred to Trump’s fashion line as “poor performance”.

On February 9, 2017, President’s Advisor Kellyn Conway controversially encouraged viewers of Fox News to buy Trump’s retail products. In June 2017, three people of the organization, China Labor Watch, were arrested by Chinese authorities, while investigating the Hughesian International, which produces shoes for many American brands, including events trump brands. The Trump administration has asked for his release.

Modeling career of Ivanka Trump:

As a teenager coming to school, Trump found her mother, according to Ivanka Trump, “In the end of the week and holidays and not completely during school” modeling. He appeared in commercials of Tommy Hilfiger and Sasson Jeans, went to Fashion Runway for Versace, Mark Boulevard and Thierry Muğgler. She appeared on the cover of the Seventies, 1997, which ran a story on “Celeb Moms and Daughters”.

When he joined the Trump organization in an executive position and when he started his jewelery, shoe and dress line, he appeared in advertisements promoting the Trump organization and its products. She also appeared in “short-hitting” profiles in women and special interest publications, which focuses on their “looks, lifestyle and product lines”, and shows them on the cover of the issue, such as Harper’s market , Forbes Life, Golf Magazine, Town and Country, and Vogue.

They were shown on the cover of the staff in August 2006 and then in September 2007. She placed No. 83 in the 2007 Maxim Hot 100. She placed 99 numbers in 99 of the top 99 women and 84 in the 2008 edition.

Ivanka Trump also appeared as a top Choice magazine. In addition to business and modeling, various workshops are also seen on IANA TV.

Political career of Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka has supported both the Republican and the Democratic parties at different times of their lives. In 2007, she supported the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign because Chelsea Clinton Chelsea Clinton is among her closest friends. In 2012, he supported Republican Party’s Mitt Romney for President.

In the presidential election of 2016, Ivanka Trump played an important role in his father’s election campaign, due to which Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States on November 8, 2016.

After the election, Ivanka and her brothers Donald Jr. and Eric and husband Jared Kushner were included in the President’s team. After Donald Trump assumed the presidency, Ichanna’s husband Kushner was made the senior adviser to the President.

List of Books written by Ivanka Trump:

He is also a successful writer who wrote a book called “Trump Card: A Game to Win in Work and Life”. This book was published in October 2009.


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