Mahakavi Kalidas Birth and Death, Poetic Treatises, Plays sand Compositions!

There is a big dispute in relation to their time. Different scholars consider their period from the second century BC to the seventh century AD. The majority consider them the reign of Gupta Dynasty. Lok-tradition tells Kalidas in Navaratna of Vikramaditya, 56 AD, but there is no historical basis. In general opinion, his date of birth is assumed around 365 AD.

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Short Biography of Mahakavi Kalidas !

Mahakavi Kalidas Birth and death, Plays, Compositions

Country                                        india
Full Name of Mahakavi Kalidas Kalidas
Nick Name of Mahakavi Kalidas Kalidas
Born of Mahakavi Kalidas It is believed between the first to the third century BC.
Death of Mahakavi Kalidas There is no evidence of the death of Kalidas like birth.
Born Place of Mahakavi Kalidas There is a dispute about birthplace.
Death Place of Mahakavi Kalidas
Father of Mahakavi Kalidas
Mother of Mahakavi Kalidas
Brothers of Mahakavi Kalidas
Sisters of Mahakavi Kalidas
Married                                          Yes
Wife of Mahakavi Kalidas Princess Vidyutma
Son of Mahakavi Kalidas
Daughter of Mahakavi Kalidas

Full Biography of Mahakavi Kalidas :


Kalidas (English: Kalidas) was the greatest poet and playwright of Sanskrit language. Kalidas made compositions based on India’s mythology and philosophy. Kalidas is especially known for its beautifully simple and sweet language. Their description of seasons was unique and its analogies unmatched. Music is a major part of their literature and they have no analogy in creating the juice. He has also taken proper care of idealistic traditions and moral values ​​along with literary beauty in his make-up rasa literature.His name is immortal and his place is in the tradition of Valmiki and Vyas. Kalidas was a devotee of Shiva. The name Kalidas literally means ‘a servant of Kali’. Kalidas was very beautiful in appearance and was one of Navratanas in the court of Vikramaditya. But it is said that Kalidas was illiterate and stupid in early life. Kalidasa married a princess named Vidyottama.

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History of Mahakavi Kalidas:

Fixed knowledge is not available in respect to the personal life of the famous poet and playwright Kalidas of Sanskrit language. They are the people of Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, or Kashmir. On the basis of their compositions, the general vote is in favor of considering him as a resident of Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh. The entire surroundings of the poetry book “Kumar Sambhav” is the Himalayas. In other compositions, Himalaya’s living description is found in place of place. According to some writers that Kalidas was born in Kvilta village in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand whereas a statue of Kalidas has been set up by the Government of India in Kavilatha village along with the construction of an auditorium. With this, let us also inform you that in this auditorium a three-day literary seminar is held in June every year, in which participants come from different parts of the country.

There is a big dispute in relation to their time. Different scholars consider their period from the second century BC to the seventh century AD. The majority consider them the reign of the Gupta Dynasty. Lok-tradition tells Kalidas in Navaratna of Vikramaditya, 56 AD, but there is no historical basis. By general opinion, his date of birth is assumed around 365 AD.

It is also said about Kalidas that he was illiterate in his childhood, he did not understand the things. But later he became a scholar of literature and got the status of great poet of Hindi literature.

Wedding of Kalidas princess Vidyutama:

There are many unbelievable stories about Kalidas. According to one, they were stupid and cutting in the forest the same piece of tree on which they were sitting. He was seen by the class of pundits.

It is said that the princess Vidyutama had pledged that whosoever would defeat them in the debate, she will marry  with him only, when Vidyutama defeated all the scholar in the debate, then unhappy with the humiliation and To get revenge of this, some scholars arranged a debate between princess Vidyutama and Kalidas and they got married to Princess Vidyutama.

Let us tell you that for examining the scriptures, the princess Vidyutama used to ask secret questions in the silence term, which Kalidas used to answer only with his wit silent signals. Vidyutama felt that Kalidas was giving a cryptic answer to the esoteric question. For example, Vidyutottama showed a finger to Kalidas during the debate, which meant that Brahma is one, but Kalidas understood that she is saying that she would burst one of his eyes. In response to this question, he raised his two fingers. Kalidas meant that if he blows one of his eyes, then he will burst his eyes. But Vidyutta thought that there is both Brahma and the creature in the universe. So he was satisfied. Then Vidyutama showed an open hand as a question, Kalidas thought that he was threatening to slap. So in response to them, they showed a fist, then Vidyutama felt that Kalidas is saying that the five senses may be different, all are operated by the same mind. Impressed by this, Rajkumari Vidyutama gave assent to marry Kalidas and accepted him as her husband.

Kalidas became a great poet after Vidyutama damn:

After a few days when princess Vidyutama came to know of Kalidas’s inscrutable wisdom, she was very sad and ridiculed Kalidas and drove him out of the house by saying that do not return to home without being true scholar. What was then humiliated by the wife, Kalidas took a vow to acquire the knowledge and was determined to become a true pundit and with this resolution, he left the house. And started worshiping Kali with the true heart.

When he returned to the house, he knocked on the door and said – कपाटम् उद्घाट्य सुन्दरी (open the door, beautiful). Vidyattaam was astonished and said – अस्ति कश्चिद् वाग्विशेषः ((some scholar looks like). He used to treat his wife as his master and He used to this sentence place in his poetry. From the start of Kumārasambhava is अस्त्युत्तरस्याम् दिशि… Meghdoot first word is कश्चित्कांता… and begins Raghuvanshm is वागार्थविव… from.

Mahakavi Kalidas, the world’s best writer:

Mahakavi Kalidas is calculated not only in India but also in the best writers of the world. They made their own identity by performing their amazing compositions in the field of dramatic, epic and lyrical poetry.

Kalidas is known for its simple and sweet language. Their season descriptions are very beautiful and their metaphors are unmatched. Music is the principal of their literature and they have no analogy in creating the juice. He also took proper care of idealistic traditions and moral values, along with literary beauty in his make-believe rasa literature. His name is eternal for ever and his place includes the tradition of Valmiki and Vyas.

Compositions of Mahakavi Kalidas:

Kalidas has written compositions from his visionary thinking and eccentric wit, therefore they are counted among the best poets and playwrights of the world.

His compositions have historical significance as well as literature. There is a long list of his compositions, but Kalidas has got the most fame because of his 7 compositions. The compositions are as follows:

Four famous poetic treatises:

  • Epic – Raghuvansh, Kumar Sambhavan
  • Khandakavya- Meghdoot, Ritu Sinhaar

Three plays are famous-

  • Abhigyan Shakuntalam
  • Malvikagnimitr
  • Vikarmovarsiya

Raghuvansh (epic) :

Kalidas, the poet of literature, has interpreted the kings of the Raghukul dynasty in his epic Raghuvansh. In this epic, the poet said that Lord Rama was related to Raghuvansh, along with this epic it was also told that Dilip was the first ruler of Raghuqul. At the same time, in this epic Raghuvans, Kalidas has also explained that Raghu, son of Raja Dilip, son of Raghu, son of Aja, Dasarath and Dasarath had four sons, including Lord Rama. The poet has described this in his play. Overall, this drama of poet Kalidas gives readers full information about the kings of Raghukul.

Kumarasambhav (epic) –

Kaliidas, the wealthy great poet Kalidas, has interpreted the love story of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati ji in his epic Kumarasambhav, in which poet Kalidas has written while interpreting the beauty of Mata Parvati that all the majestic abstractions in the world can be found. By combining and assembling him in the right place, the Creator made Mata Parvati with great saving, He also wrote in poetry that all the beauty of the world is contained in Parvati.

Along with that, Kalidas has shown love for Lord Shiva’s and mother Parvati in KumarSambhav, which is readable by every reader. Also in this epic, the birth of Kartikeya, the son of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva, has also been explained.

Meghdoot (Khandakavya) –

This commentary of poet Kalidas has also gained great popularity, in fact, in this commentary, poet Kalidas has described a husband’s pain towards his wife. In Meghdoot, Kalidas describes the story of a servant named Yaksh. Let us tell you that in this poem, the servant of Yakshi is thrown out of the village for a year, and who remembers so much of his wife that he is praying to the cloud that means his message to his wife Take him and his wife to meet him.

Other Compositions of Mahakavi Kalidas –

Apart from the 7 compositions written by Kalidas ji, there are other compositions. Kalidas’s other 33 such works whose credit goes to Kalidas, tell you that Kalidas was not only a good poet and playwright, he also had a good knowledge of astrologer.

Kalidas ji has written the book of Kalamiratham, which is primarily based on astrology and it is revealed that Kalidas were also intense in the astrology. Some other compositions written by Kalidas ji are written below, which are as follows –

  • श्यामा दंडकम् |
  • ज्योतिर्विद्याभरणम् |
  • श्रृंगार रसाशतम् |
  • सेतुकाव्यम् |
  • श्रुतबोधम् |
  • श्रृंगार तिलकम् |
  • कर्पूरमंजरी |
  • पुष्पबाण विलासम्

The importance of Kalidas in modern times:

Kalidas’s plays have been translated into many languages ​​abroad. Apart from this, his plays have been translated into many international languages. The film industry of South India has produced many films on Kalidas’s plays and made it popular. In the Kannada language, Kalidas’s life became a “Kaviratna Kalidas” film which was quite popular.

The famous director of South India, V Shantaram, made a film on Shakuntala’s life. This movie is very famous. Hindi writer Mohan Rakesh wrote a play “आषाढ़ का एक दिन” on the life of Kalidas, which shows the events of Kalidas’s struggling life.

In this way, Kalidas made his place in the heart of the readers with his creations and he was called the world’s poet. The determination of the work of Kalidas made his way to success, and today his fame is in the corner of the country.

In this way, those who try in life never give up as if the poet Kalidas did not even accept that he became a true poet after the damn and became a great poet of literature and became an inspiration for the people.


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