Pablo Picasso: A Biography of Pablo Picasso!

On October 25, 1881, Pablo Picasso was born in the town of Malaga, Spain. His father was a teacher at a nearby school, where he used to teach fine arts. Picasso always used to study his father, so he got his early education from his father.

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Pablo Picasso: Short Description about Pablo Picasso!

Pablo Picasso A Biography of Pablo Picasso!

Country                                        Spain
Full Name of Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso
Nick Name of Pablo Picasso Pablo picasso
Born of Pablo Picasso 25 October 1881
Death of Pablo Picasso 8 April 1973
Born Place of Pablo Picasso Málaga, (Spain)
Death Place of Pablo Picasso Mougins, France
Father of Pablo Picasso Joso Ruiz y Blasco
Mother of Pablo Picasso Maria Picasso y Lopez
Brothers of Pablo Picasso No
Sisters of Pablo Picasso 2 (Conchita Picasso, Lola Picasso)
Married                                          Yes
Wife of Pablo Picasso 2 (Jacqueline Roque (m.1161-1973), Olga Khokhlova (m.11918-1955))
Son of Pablo Picasso 2 (Claude Pierre Pablo Picasso, Paulo Picasso)
Daughter of Pablo Picasso 2 (Paloma Picasso, Maya Widmaier-Picasso)

Detailed Description about Pablo Picasso:


Pablo Picasso, the great painter from Spain’s land, who was the most discussed and most controversial painter in the 20th century. It is an artist whose life is not appreciated by any of his paintings and after his death, his pictures are worth crores in crores, because their images are the living documents of human pain, which the world later understood.

Early Life of Picasso:

On October 25, 1881, Pablo Picasso was born in the town of Malaga, Spain. His father was a teacher at a nearby school, where he used to teach fine arts. Picasso always used to study his father, so he got his early education from his father.

He liked making pictures from his childhood and used to create surprise and strange bizarre pictures of his friends. His paintings were a little strange in his childhood, but at that time no one did not know that it is beginning of new art.

As he was growing up, his art was flourishing, and when he was 15 years old, his paintings became so beautiful that his father had all the things to make a picture, he gave to Picasso. It was said that “I want you to do the same thing.”  Only then did his father decide for himself that after this time I will not do this work.

Education of Pablo Picasso:

Picasso received his early education from his father’s school. Looking at the capabilities of the father, Picasso, the father got him enrolled in the Madrid Academy to receive higher education in the arts. But Picasso did not mind there and he returned home. Then in 1935 Picasso went to Paris. Those days Paris was considered to be the center of art. There, he established contacts with big artists and began to learn the qualities of art. Within a few months he became fully skilled in art and after that he returned home (Spain).

Carrier of Pablo Picasso:

After returning from Paris, Picasso started making pictures and started painting. In those pictures of that period, the effect of dark blue and pink colors is seen. But as Picasso made the painting according to the time, they were influenced by other social elements, and during this time social elements began to appear in their painting.

In the year 1904, I came to have a turning point in his career. In this round, he should paint pictures like Kalabajo, clowns, sitar players etc. After this, since 1906, he started making his famous paintings “Women of Avingan”. It took almost a year for them to complete this painting.

In 1909, Picasso worked in the ‘Cubism’ style. The painting I made in this style of Picasso faced criticism for many years. Indeed, paintings of this style made lines with different colors. This style inspired the artists around the world to learn something new.

In this period, Picasso did a lot of work on women’s paintings. They made many pictures related to women, these images are also considered as a model of statues of Greek gods. Some of these pictures remain highly controversial.

Picasso was a freelance and self-respecting person. In any form they could not tolerate injustice and tyranny. When the Nazi attackers bombarded the army of Spain in 1937, millions of Spanish people were killed during this bombing. Seeing this scene, Picasso rose with a rosy and expressing her opposition to the Nazi attackers, she made a giant painting called ‘Guernica’. Because of this action, he was fired from Spain.

Death of Picasso:

Picasso sees many big ups and downs in his life. There was a time in his life when Picasso was removed from his own city. At that time there was no room for them to stay. Facing such situations, he continued to make painting.

Picasso was a great painter of the 21st century. There is currently no artist working in his art like him. He did a lot of work in the field of art in his last time. Therefore, on 8 April 1973 he died due to a heart attack in Mougins, France.

Marriage life of Picasso:

In the year 1917, the Russian daughter joined the ballet, where he met a girl named Olga and in the year 1918, both of them got married. Olga liked the royal life and Picasso did not like it, and because of that, the two separated in the year 1935. Then in the year 1961 he married again with “Jacqueline Roke” They gave free pictures to their museums to their pictures.

In the 1940s and 1950s, with Picasso, and the mother of his children, FergusWeb Jielo, wrote Life with Picasso in 1964.With regard to Picasso, Geello saw love as a major change in his career. In Picasso, he worked as an art critique. Jilo writes, “I began to feel that if I look closely, my half-dozen ex-wives’ heads will be hanged.”

Her girlfriend Mary Walter and her second wife, Jacqueline Rock, had committed suicide.But the fate of everyone is not like that. Another woman who has been trapped in Picasso’s love affair for several months, but she is fine. His name was Silvette Dived.

Who was Picasso’s Monalisa?:

Pablo Picasso’s lover of Spain’s famous painting kept her pictures in different times.

Fernande Oliver, Russian Ballet Dancer Olga Koklova, Fenjewaj Geello and Jacqueline Apart from this, many other women have been in touch with them for a short time.But who was the real Monalisa of his paintings, and perhaps the answer is Silvette David.When Silvett David was 19 years old, he met with controversial and controversial Spain painter Pablo Picasso.Picasso was getting old again. After the meeting with Silvette, he got a glimpse of Picasso’s many works.Picasso met Silvette in 1954. Picasso was then an international celebrity and lived in a luxurious palace in Valueruris, France.Picasso’s eyes, then more than 70 years old, lay on Silvette. The 19-year-old silvett’s hair was golden and he used to make a high peak on his head.

A few months ago, Silvette and his fiancee Toby Jellynne Valeuris came to the city, where Sylvette’s mother used to be. Toby was a furniture designer and his workshop was just a short distance from Picasso’s studio. From here, Sylvette’s Picasso studio has started to come and go. The first meeting of Silvette Picasso took place when Picasso went to Picasso’s bungalow with Toby Silvette to buy some chairs from Toby and carry chairs.

After a few weeks, when Silvette was busy with Picasso’s studio drinking coffee with friends in the shop in the exact shop, Silvette saw Picasso holding a picture of her. This was a simple picture of a woman with hair braided and ponytail.

Silvette later recalled, “It was a kind invitation.”

After this he and his friend Picasso reached the door. Picasso was so happy that he immediately embraced Sylvette. Picasso cried almost in joy, “I want to make your painting.”

Between April and June in the next few months, Picasso persuaded Silvette to sit in front of him regularly. Picasso made more than 60 sketches of Silvette, which included 28 artifacts.Perhaps it was the first time that they had made so many sketches from a particular lady.

When Picasso met Silvette, his personal life was going through a bad phase. A year ago his wife Zeilo left them and left.Knowing that he has grown old and death is near him, he has some consolation in silhouette puberty.But Silvette and Picasso did not make physical connections. Silvette was Extremely shy nature and could not even drag his nude picture.

Picasso’s painting made world record:                                

Oil painting made in 1955 by great painter Pablo Picasso created a new world record. With almost $ 18 million, it has become the world’s most expensive selling painting.

Fine Art Auction House Christie’s predicted a $ 14 million bid for Picasso’s ‘Women of Algiers’ painting bid, but for the last auction, approximately $ 18 million was imposed. This process of auction lasted 11 minutes and people from 35 countries bid for it. The person who bought this painting could not be identified.

Before this, the work of a British painter Francis Bacon, ‘Three Studies of Luscious Freud’, made the world record in the auction. In November 2013, the painting was sold for about $ 14.2 million.

In this colorful painting of a particular genre, there is a view of the harem. This painting was made by Picasso in 1955, which is part of a series of 15 paintings. About the auction, Christie’s Global President Jussi Pillakanen said, “It is a pleasure to see that this painting was so much bidder.”

Today, his paintings are printed in the books of the world, in which some 13,500 pictures, 100,000 prints and carvings have been used in the book. He created some 300 sculptures throughout his life, and according to an estimate, more than 350 sculptures were stolen, which Picasso had made. According to this figure, this figure is bigger than other artists of the world.

In 2004, a portrait of Pablo Picasso was sold, named “Garson”, which was sold for $ 104 million and is the most expensive picture of Pablo Picasso.Pablo Picasso influenced the world of art and introduced many new styles of art. Present-day artists still use their style.

Pablo Picasso Quotes:

  • Every child is an artist, the problem is, how young is the artist when he is young?
  • The secret of leadership, the art of forward thinking.
  • The less you speak, the people will listen to you as much.
  • Work is the basic foundation of all success.
  • Failure does not mean that you are unsuccessful, it only means that you have not succeeded so far.



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