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Short Biography of Ratan Tata!

Who is Ratan Tata A Biography of Ratan Tata!

Bio of Ratan Tata/Short Wiki

Real Name                      : Ratan Naval Tata GBE

Nick Name                       : RNT

Profession                       : Indian Businessman

Famous For                     : Charity

Family of Ratan Tata : 

Father of Ratan Tata               : Late Naval tata

Mother of Ratan Tata              : Late Soni Tata

Wife of Ratan Tata                  : Not Married

Children’s of Ratan Tata         : –

Brother’s of Ratan Tata           : Noel Tata (Half Brothers) Businessman

Sister’s of Ratan Tata              : –

Relationalship’s & Affairs: 

Marital Status                          : Not Married

Girlfriend’s/ Affairs                   : Not Known 

Personal Life: 

Nationality                               : Indian

D.O.B                                       : 28 December 1937

Age (in 2019)                           : 82 years

Born Palace                             : Surat, gujarat, India

School                                     : campion School Mumbai India

Cathedral and John Cannon

School, Mumbai India

Hometown                               : Mumbai, India

College/University                   : Carnell University, Ithaca, New

Yark, USA

Harvard Business School, Bostan

Massachusetts, USA

Education qualification            : B.S degree in Architecture with

With structural Engineering

Religion                                   : Zoroastrian

Address                                   : Mumbai, India

Hobbies                                   : Driving, playing Piano, Painting Etc

Favorite Car                            : Ferrari

Awards                                    : CNN-IBN year of the businessman 2006

Padma Bhushan 2000

Padma Vibushan 2008

Controversies                          : Indian Express top journalist Ritu Sarin

Alleged them in 1997 tap scandal

: In 2010 for the Nano Factory

: In 2010 Radio Tap Scandal


A great Indian Businessman.

Physical State & Body: 

Height                                      : 5’10” Feet, 1.77M, 177 Cm

Weight                                     : 86 Kg, 190 Pounds

Body Measurement                 : Not Known

Color of Eye                            : Light Brown

Hair Color                                : Pepper & Salt

Body color                               : Fair

Car Collection: Ferrari california, Honda civic, Mercedes 

Net Worth- 69,57,25,00,000 INR   

Full Biography of  Ratan Tata:


Ratan Tata is one of the most eminent and respected Indian businessmen. He served the Tata Group from 1991 to 2012 as a president and returned to the same post for the interim period four years later in October 2016. He is also a member of the Tata family, head of Indian industrialists and social workers as a group based in Mumbai.

Early Life and Education:

Ratan Tata was born on 28 December 1937 in Surat, India. Ratan Tata is the son of Naval Tata, who was adopted by Navjbai Tata after the death of his husband Ratan Tata. When Ratan was ten years old and his younger brother, Jimmy, his parents (Naval and Sonu) separated from each other in the mid-1940s only when he was seven years old. After that both the brothers were raised by his grandmother Navjbai Tata. Ratan Tata also has a step brother Noel Tata. Ratan Tata completed his studies from Campion School in Mumbai, Bishop Cotton School in Shimla and Cathedral and John Conan School in Mumbai. He graduated from Cornell University in 1962 with a degree in architecture and structure engineering (Structural Engineering) and in 1975 he worked in advanced management program from Harvard Business School. He has also been a member of Alpha sigma fee brotherhood of Yale University of the United States.

Ratan Tata’s career started:

Before returning to India Ratan worked with Jones and Emmons in Los Angeles, California for some time. He began his career with the Tata Group Sun in 1961. In the early days, he worked on Tata Steel’s shop floor. After this he was joined the Tata Group and the companies. In 1971 he was appointed director in charge of the National Radio and Electronics Company (Nelco). In 1981, he was made the Chairman of Tata Industries. In 1991, JRD Tata left the president post of the group and made Ratan Tata his successor. But due to lack of experience at that time, many people opposed him as he succeeded. The people believed that they are not much experienced and neither can they afford to handle such a huge industry.

Nano car project:

Nano car project

Ratan Tata rules the hearts of people due to his generosity. Ratan Tata goes on thinking of everyone. Ratan Tata’s dream was to make a car at cost of Rs. 1 lakh. This car was inaugurated on January 10, 2008 at Auto Expo in New Delhi. Initially, three models of Tata Nano were brought to market. Ratan Tata completed the dreams of people, brought 1 lakh car into the market and said “Promise is a promise”.

Ratan Tata insulted by Ford Company:

In English I have a saying “Success is the Best Revenge” means success is the best change. Today, we are talking about the life of Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata, who is going to talk about such a practice that has taken revenge for his humiliation with his success.

Ratan Tata gave the answer to his insult by his success. The talk is about when the Tata Group took out the Tata Indica car market in 1998. Ratan Tata had this dream project for which he had worked very hard but Indica car did not get good response in the market, due to which the Tata Motors started going to the deficit after a few years. The proponents of Tata Motors suggested Ratan Tata to sell the company for the loss of car trade and, without wanting, Ratan Tata had to do this work by keeping stones on his heart.

Proposals for selling their company with the proprietors of Tata Motors were taken to Ford Company. Whose headquater is in America. Ratan Tata and his partner’s meeting with Ford Company lasted about 3 hours. Ford Chairman Bill Ford behaved very badly with Ratan Tata and said in a statement, “When you do not have any information about this business, then why did you put so much money to launch this car?”

We are just favored by buying your company. Ratan Tata got it on the heart. He came back after leaving the deal with his partner overnight. Ratan Tata was not able to forget the same thing from Bill Ford; it was coming again and again in his mind. After that Ratan Tata decided to not sell his company to anyone, he gave up his whole life, and seeing, Tata’s car business came to be a very good rhythm. This helped him a lot. On the other hand Ford’s company was going to the loss and on the verge of being bankrupt by the end of 2008. At that time, Ratan Tata has offered to ford company buy his luxury car Jaguar Land Rover and Land Rover and also offered the good Price to ford. Bill Ford already suffered due to Jaguar and Land Rover. They were gladly accepted this proposal.

Bill Ford reached the Tata Group’s headquarters in the same way with their partners. Like Ratan Tata went to their headquarters to meet Bill Ford. It was decided in the meeting that Jaguar and Land Rover brand will be under $ 2.3 billion in the Tata Group, this time Bill Ford repeated the same thing which he had told Ratan Tata in the meeting just this time the talk was a little bit positive. Bill Ford said that you are doing a great favor by buying our company.

Today Jaguar and Land Rover are part of the Tata Group and the market is moving forward with better profits. If Ratan Tata wanted, Bill Ford could have answered in the same meeting, but Ratan Tata was not drunk in his success. This is the quality that shows the difference between a successful and a great human being.

Ratan Tata / Ratan Tata is a philanthropist. More than 65% of the shares have been invested in charitable institutions. The main purpose of his life is to increase the quality of life of Indians and also to develop humanity in India. Ratan Tata believes that philanthropists should be seen differently. The first philanthropists used to develop their institutions and hospitals, while now they need to develop the country.

Achievement of Ratan Tata:

Ratan Tata has served as the senior citizen of Indian industries. As it is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Business and Industry Committee. As well as those advisory committees of RAND Center of Asia.

Ratan Tata is also an active activist of the Indian AIDS Program Committee. They have been doing every possible effort to stop it in India.

Ratan Tata’s name not only in the country but also in abroad. Ratan Tata is also a member of the International Consultative Committee for Mitsubishi Co-operation and along with that he is a member of American International Group J.P. Morgan Chase and Buz Alan Hamilto is also included. Looking at his fame, we can say Ratan Tata is a very popular figure.

Award given to Ratan Tata for his great achievements-

  • Award for the most famous person led by Yale.
  • Respect for the citizenship of Singapore.
  • Respect for the “Businessman of the Decade” by the Indo-Israeli Chamber of Commerce in 2010.
  • Carnegie Medal of philanthropy was contributed to the contribution of Tata family to the country’s progress.
  • In 2008, Ratan Tata was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Indian government for the highest civilian award of India.

Ratan Tata is poached in India’s most successful and famous businessman. Their nature is shy and Ratan Tata does not believe in the world’s false glow. He has lived alone for years in a room full of books filled in Colaba district of Mumbai. Ratan Tata is a person with high ideals. Tatas believe that trade is not only meant to profit but also to understand its responsibility towards society and social values ​​should also be included in the business.

Ratan Tata always believed that, –

“Fluctuations are of paramount importance to keep moving forward in life. Even ECG (ECG) also means a direct line of meaning- dead. “

Ratan Tata always taught to move forward in life. They didn’t panic with their circumstances, While at every step they proved themselves right.



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