R&AW Chief Anil Dhasmana: Biography of R&AW Chief Anil Dhasmana!

The path of his village starts from Bhagirathi, 70 kilometers away from Rishikesh and Sangamyapur of Alaknanda. From Devaprayag, their Toli village is 50 km away. Anil Dhasmana’s aunt and her family still live in Toli village.
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Short Biography of Anil Dhasmana!

R&AW Chief Anil Dhasmana Biography of R&AW Chief Anil Dhasmana!

Country                                        India
Full Name of Anil Dhasmana Anil Kumar Dhasmana
Nick Name of Anil Dhasmana Anil Dhasmana
Born of Anil Dhasmana 2 October 1957
Born Place of Anil Dhasmana Pauri, Uttrakhand
Father of Anil Dhasmana Maheshanand Dhasmana
Mother of Anil Dhasmana
Brothers of Anil Dhasmana
Sisters of Anil Dhasmana
Wife of Anil Dhasmana
Son of Anil Dhasmana
Daughter of Anil Dhasmana

Full Biography of Anil Dhasmana:


Anil Dhasmana, a speeding officer who heads the intelligence agency Raw, belongs to a simple family of Uttarakhand. Anil Dhasmana’s childhood has passed away from the glare of the city, in a remote village in the mountain. From the small village to the RAW head, the The achievement of IPS Anil Dhasmana are feeling proud of their village.

When his name came out as head of the country’s intelligence agency, the wave of happiness spread even in his village along with Uttarakhand. Today, we invite you to the untold and unheard of story of this Lal of Uttarakhand.

History of R&AW Chief Anil Dhasmana:

The path of his village starts from Bhagirathi, 70 kilometers away from Rishikesh and Sangamyapur of Alaknanda. From Devaprayag, their Toli village is 50 km away. Anil Dhasmana’s aunt and her family still live in Toli village.

Anil Dhasmana’s childhood passed through a lot of difficulties in the village. Anil was the eldest of four brothers and 3 sisters. Anil, who had suffered a lot in difficulties and struggles in his early life, continued on the strength of hard work only. In the small room of his ancestral house where he studied, his uncle’s son and his children are studying it. But Anil’s memories are still made in the house. His father Maheshnanda Dhasmana used to work in the Civil Aviation Department. Later, he became settled in Delhi with a full family of four sons and three daughters. According to Mahesh Dhasmana, his schoolmate, Anil’s dedication to his seriousness and goal of his studies was not only the motivation for the other brothers but his conviction in the whole village. They are very straightforward and very friendly. In addition to a ceremony like marriage and marriage ceremony in the village, they must definitely join in the worship of the deity. His cousin Rajendra Dhasmana said that he comes every year to Shradekeshwar Dham. Even before eight-nine months ago, when they came to Toli, they met with everyone with complete confidence.

After passing the examination from the dudharkhal near the village till the eighth grade, the remaining education was initiated in Delhi and after that he did not look back and looked back. His teacher Shashidhar Dhasmana, 82, is very grateful to the success of his disciple. He reached with us at the same school where Anil studied till his fifth. He told that Anil was a wealthy talent from his childhood. When he studied in the third grade, he gave a speech in front of the District Education Officer, which gave him a stipend of Rs 300.

Anil went to delhi after class 8, but after this, his attachment to his village has not diminished even today and he continues to visit his village Toli. When not getting the atmosphere of concentration in the house, he would sit down under Lamp Post in Lodi Park. While sitting there, he prepared his compilation. The result of that was that in 1981 his election was held in IPS.

Carrier & Operations:

The result of that was that in 1981 his election was held in IPS. He got his first identity in career as Indore SP, which, incidentally, was also the first posting of SP. Very few people know that in a round the mini-Mumbai was the mafia state in Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. In an area here, MafiaRaj was like movies, which had its rules and regulations.

Despite this area being in the middle of the city, leaving the common man, the police was afraid of stepping in here. In such a period, the way the police, who took charge of Indore SP, changed the city forever.

Operation Bombay Market:

Operation Bombay Bazaar ‘was given the name of Police campaign launched from Indore for the demolition of terror and mafia raj. There was a black spot on the infamous Bombay market, Indore Daman for the supply of jismophos, betting and gambling. After the lasting fortnight of the campaign, under the leadership of Dhasmana, the end of the mafiaaraj from the Bombay market came to an end. There was violence during this time, due to which the city was also in shadow of curfew for many days, but every challenge before the threat of blasphemy proved to be small.

Everybody who operated unethical activities from the Bombay market was driven away or was driven behind the bars. During this period the houses built inside the basement, the roads occupied and the stairs were demolished.

Senior journalist Satish Joshi was also the witness of ‘Operation Bombay Bazar’. Recalling that time, Joshi explains how his news was ‘The way it sells in the city and there is Jismophoshi’ the foundation of operation Bombay market was laid.

The effect of writing the news also took place, but his experience was not good for the young reporter Satish Joshi of that period. When the angry people tried to attack Joshi, they brought the entire case to SP Anil Dhasmana and then the Collector VVS ayer as well as the Chief of the Chief Sunderlal Patwa, after which the police started the proceedings.

Deshraj Singh, who recently retired from the police service, points out that Anil Dhasmana is a very dubious officer. When he got information about immoral activities, he was sent for action to SI Gajendra Singh Sengar and Sep Shyam Veer.

In that time there was a mafiaaraj in the Bombay market, so the police was there to reach it. People coming to parallel power in the Bombay market did not come to the police. They attacked not only the two policemen but also in the police post.

Bombay market changed in military cantonment within 20 minute:

Again, what a very dubious and honest officer like SP Dhasmana did then changed the history of Indore forever. Explains that in the Bombay market where police was afraid to step in, there was a strict police guard at every home within 20 minutes.

In addition to illegal construction, gambling and betting establishments in the administration, police and municipal corporations, the brothels were demolished.

Bodyguard lives saved through martyrdom:

During the operation, SP Dhasmana reached out to Begg family home with his staff. With the action of the police, his entire empire was being demolished. Because of this, the most resentment was with the SP.

Explains that Anil Dhasmana’s attempt was made during Operation Bombay market. At the time of the search campaign at the Baig family’s house, he thrown of the stone of the masonry. SP was not aware of, but the alert bodyguard Chhedilal Dubey saved his life by pushing him, unfortunately, Chhedilal was martyred by falling on his head.

Satish Joshi points out that this was a very difficult time for SP, but he did not let emotions dominate him. They did not say anything but in the next fortnight they completely eliminated the network of mafia. Even today, in Indore, the example of Dhasmana’s tenure is given.

Bombay bazaar made picnic spot:

There was a time in the city when it was considered a bad thing to go to Bombay market. In such a situation, Operation Bombay Market changed the picture of this area, then there was a fair atmosphere for several weeks.

Recalling that round, Joshi explains that women also wanted to come here to see the elusive world of the Bombay market.After some time after being Indore SP, Anil Dhasmana went on deputation at the center, after which he did not look back.

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