The Eiffel Tower in Paris: The No. 1 Famous Palaces In Paris!

Do you want to roam Paris? You pack your bag, take your finest shoes and go out to explore Paris. Once you will mingle with the city, so you will know what the Pundits say about Paris is right. In every hidden corner and in all the famous places, the charm of Paris will spell magic. Paris has every attraction that provides a dream destination for a stroller. Not sure, so once you visit Paris and see it.

paris city

History of Paris:

The city of fantasies is situated on the banks of the River Seine in the north of France – Paris. France’s capital Paris is also called ‘City of lights’ and ‘the capital of fashion’. The population of the city of 105.4 square kilometers is 22 lakes. The whole Paris is divided into 20 parts, called Arrondissement. The story of making the city of 6,100 lanes, 1,124 bar and 1,784 bakeries is interesting. By the year 1852 it was like a common city.

52 BC At the time, the people of Lutetium settled there in Paris. In 212 BC, Lutanist became famous as Paris. There have been many attacks on this city. Mainly in the eighteenth century, Paris faced the French Revolution. In the same year Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew Louis Napoleon III became King and he began to renew the city with great emphasis. He assigned this responsibility to an engineer named Baron Hausman.

Hausman not only beautified rather, he also tried to bring the city into the elite category. there were settlements of poor people in the city,  destroyed the settlements and the public was forced to go to the outskirts of the city and then the widened beautiful streets, large open blocks and expensive markets and beautiful houses were constructed.

There is no shortage of greenery, full attention has been taken. The whole work continued for 17 years and the people continued to torture the Hausmen, giving abusive language. The poor so the poor, the rich also left no stone upturned to oppose him. By 1870 Paris was ready; he gave the eyes of everyone astonishing. And in a short time the city became the pride of Europe. Today, the image of Paris in the whole world is the main credit for Hausman.

Tourist Places in Paris:

In the case of roaming, go anywhere in Paris, everywhere the beauty will be scattered, yet there are some such places without seeing that the visit to Paris would be incomplete.

The Eiffel Tower of Paris:

To celebrate the centenary of the Revolution of France, a World Fair was held in Paris in 1889. As a gateway to this, the plan was made to build a big and magnificent tower, which was to be broken later. The name of this name was named Eiffel Tower, after the company which created it, its chief engineer Alexander Gustav Eiffel. The height of this structure, made of iron filigree work, is 1,063 ft.  Which has 3 levels and 1,665 stairs? There is a separate lift arrangement for going to every level. There is also facility of restaurant etc. on the first two floors. From every floor you get a panoramic view of the whole city. As it was already determined, in 1909 it was thought of to be destroyed, but by then it had lived in the hearts of the public and the government, everyone, so it was decided to experiment like a big radio antenna. . Today the tower is the identity and glory of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower of Paris

During World War II when Hitler entered Paris the people cut off the cable of Eiffel Tower lift, So that Hitler could not climb up to this magnificence of his city. Hitler stepped up a few stairs, but then returned after defeating. Today 60 to 70 million people come from all over the world here.r throughout the world. At night when 20,000 lights on the entire tower seem to be shining Then it is only after seeing the beauty of it. There is a fun fact associated with this that due to being made of metal, its length is affected by the heat of the sun and its increases and decreases to 15 centimeters according to the weather.

Disneyland Park of Paris:

This spacious and grand park on the theme of Wall Disney’s characters and films is located 32 kilometers east of the city center. Spread over 4,800 acres, this park began in 1992.In the year 2002, the Disney studio was also produced along with this. In these two parks there are total 57 swings, rides etc. Apart from these, there are colorful parades, laser shows and other activities of the city.

Disneyland Park of Paris

The whole Disney Park is divided into 5 parts-Main Street USA, Fantasy lands, Edge water land, Frontier land, and Diskwandkind. Apart from walking from one section to another, there is also a facility to go by train. Ally in Wonderland, Pirates, Snow-white, Peter Pan, Toy Story etc., swings on the theme takes you into a different world. The palace of Sleeping Beauty is so beautiful that view is as seems literally to variance in the dream world.

Disneyland park tickets: It’s Around $350 to $500.

About Arc of triumph:

In the memory of the martyrs killed in the French Revolution and other wars, A gate named Arc of Triumph has been built.This gate based on Roman architecture was designed by Jean Walgreen in 1806. Some wars and names of martyrs are carved on the walls of this. Below is a chamber, in which ‘the tomb of an unknown soldier’, which is dedicated to the soldiers who were killed in World War I.

Arc of triumph

The Notre Dame Cathedral of paris:

It is a Roman Catholic Church built in the French Gothic style. It is one of the most famous churches in the whole world. A small part of Jesus Christ’s Cross at Crown of Thorn, And some other memento of them are also kept. In addition coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, this church is witness to many other major historical events. There are 10 big hours in total, most of which are more than 13 tons heavier and the name is Emmanuel.

Saint Chapel Church:

The St. Chapel Church in Paris is a medieval church, which was built in the 13th century. Built in the Gothic style, this church is famous for its work of stainless glass painting.

Concord Square:

When the French Revolution happened, there was the rule of Louis XVI at that time. His wife Mary Antôniyat hated the public because one was the daughter of the royal family of Austria; the other was very lively, arrogant and somewhat stupid. The public had no dough to make bread, and he used to spend millions of rupees on his luxuries. When he was told that in his state people do not have bread to eat and they are starving, then the answer was, ” Why do they need to die? If they do not have bread, why would they not eat the cake? “And already angry people became angry, and Louis, Mary and his entire family were captured and killed. The place where their heads were cut is known as Concord Square. Every tourist that comes to Paris definitely comes to see this place.

The Louvre museum of paris:

It’s all part of the world is one of the major museums. Located on the right bank of the river Seine, in the western part of the city, this building is spread over 60,600 square meters. In the 12th century Philip II built this as a fort. Many kings made it their residence. It was converted into a museum with 537 paintings and 184 artifacts for the first time on August 10, 1793, changing many formats and names. Today, it has expanded so much that if you go ahead after seeing only 4 seconds of every artwork here, then you need 3 months to see the entire museum.

The Louvre museum of paris

Many world-famous works such as Monalisa, Virgin of the Rocks, and the ethics of Hammurabi are displayed here, to see who come here from the corners of the world. In front of this there is a huge pyramid of glass which makes it beautiful in its beauty.


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