William Shakespeare: A Biography of William Shakespeare!

“William Shakespeare was born on 26 April 1564 in Stratford of Avon, England. Shakespeare’s father used to do a small business”.

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Short Biography of William Shakespeare!

William Shakespeare A Biography of William Shakespeare!

Country                                        England
Full Name of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare
Nick Name of William Shakespeare Shakespeare
Born of William Shakespeare 26 April 1564
Death of William Shakespeare 23 April 1616
Born Place of William Shakespeare Stafford of England
Death Place of William Shakespeare Stafford-upon-Avon
Father of William Shakespeare John Shakespeare
Mother of William Shakespeare Mary Shakespeare
Brothers of William Shakespeare 3(Gilbert Shakespeare, Richard Shakespeare, Edmund Shakespeare)
Sisters of William Shakespeare 3(Joan Shakespeare, Anne Shakespeare, Margaret Shakespeare)
Married                                          Yes
Wife of William Shakespeare Annie Hathaway
Son of William Shakespeare Hamnet Shakespeare
Daughter of William Shakespeare 2(Susanna Hall, Judith Quiney)


Full Biography of William Shakespeare:


William Shakespeare was an English poet, Dramatist and actor who was one of the most important and famous writers of the English language. He is also called the national poet of England and “Bard of Avon”. His greatest works include 38 plays, 154 Chaturdash poems, 2 long narrative poems, and verses from verses and writings. His plays were transformed into several languages ​​and the Dramatists also performed his plays.

Earlier Life of William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare was born on 26 April 1564 in Stratford of Avon, England. Shakespeare’s father used to do a small business. And also used to work in the government of Stratford and did not find any concrete evidence from which school Shakespeare took his studies from. It is believed that at the age of 13, he left studies to help his father financially.

Hathaway, who was more than 8 years old at that time. Anne Hathaway was 26 years old. After six months of marriage, she had a daughter, Susena, after that she had two twins, Hamnet and Judith Hamnet but Judith Hamnetthe died at the age of 11.

Start of career:

Shakespeare started his theatrical career in 1585 and worked on it for 7 years. He began his career on the stage of the 1592 London, after which Shakespeare became very famous, Shakespeare attracted fans and critics to both of them. Robert Grinnay was one of Shakespeare’s first critics, he was skeptical of Shakespeare’s Prioos, after 1594, all of Shakespeare’s plays were performed by God Chamberlain’s men. This group reached a very good position in a very short time. Shakespeare purchased his own theater in 1599 and named him Globe.

Shakespeare’s identity now became increasingly popular as a successful Dramatist and actor, he was now financially strong too. After the death of Maharani Elizabeth in 1603, the royal patent was contracted. The group published many of Shakespeare’s literature and sold it to Shakespeare and more popularity, Shakespeare also worked in a play written by others. He wrote 37 plays, out of which 15 got published, he earned a lot of money, and Shakespeare bought a huge house in Stafford, which he named as a new house.

William Shakespeare was also an English poet along with a playwright and actor. His two poems Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrase became quite popular, Shakespeare gave his work the name of the senate. This was the last work of his poetry. Shakespeare, a printed man, was a versatile genius. In addition to his extensive work, to touch different styles, the romance in Shakespeare’s play was also comedy, and he also presented many comedy dramas.

The culmination of Shakespeare’s creation took place in the creation of such plays, in which his realization of the intellect was realized. After suffering in life; happiness comes, so to bring uniformity in thought and behavior to thrive is important. From these final plays, the conclusion is that mercy and forgiveness are more important than violence and retribution. Due to their serious moral message these plays have special significance.

Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, three years before his death his records were alive. According to the records of the church, he entered the Chancellor of the Holy Trinity Church on April 5, 1616, he was there with his wife and two daughters. The memorial article on his grave was written “Good Friend, for Jesus”.

William Shakespeare was famous as Ward of Avon. Many of his plays were originally performed in London’s famous Global Theater. Romeo-Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth are among their famous plays. He is also known for his poetic and special form of Sonnet. There was so much force in his writing that many times the thinkers used to say that he was written by some other person, but this thing could not be verified.

In the final plays, Shakespeare gets a mature life course. mahakavi had to experience a variety of in his life, whose glimpse is seen in his works. There is a fantasy in love affairs, and the mind of the poet is Rama in the luxuries of Aishwarya and Youth. Sad expression such harrowing experiences Khant plays that make it toxic to life.

Shakespeare had a very high degree of creative talent and also he had knowledge of the laws of art. They were blessed with nature, so whatever they touched they became gold. His compositions are not only glorious for the English language but also the immortal soul of Vishwajyamma.

Imagine Shakespeare was as sharp was equally grim experience of their lives. Therefore, while one’s achievements of happiness from his plays and his poems, on the other hand, his creations also get serious life-course from us. In the history of Vishwakit, fewer poets are found to be equivalent to Shakespeare.

List of Books Written By Shakespeare:

Shakespeare Written 38 plays, 154 Chaturdash poems, 2 long narrative poems but we have listed some books.

  • Romeo and Juliet.
  • The Tempest.
  • King Lear.
  • Julius Caesar.
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The precious ideas of William Shakespeare:

  • A fool considers himself wise, but an intelligent person considers himself a fool.
  • This world is a stage, and all men and women are just characters: they have to come and go; and one person plays many characters in his life.
  • Ambition should be made of tough things.
  • The abundance of goodness turns into evil.
  • Like flies for naughty children, so are we for the Gods; they beat us for their entertainment.
  • Do not be afraid of greatness: Some people are born great, some greatness flourish, and greatness is imposed on some people.
  • It’s good to arrive from a minute late. It’s been three hours early.

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